Auction mail is now working! Received a bunch of sales

Must been what the emergency maintenance was for :slight_smile: To fix the AH bug

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Yay! Now General Discussion can move on to the next meme thread. :crazy_face:


Yes better late than never. Good job TY.

We’ve received confirmation that all of the AH mail that was delayed is now delivered and available on realm in this region.


Has not fixed for me at all :frowning:

I received AH mail on a few characters, but not all, and I still have multiple characters that cannot be transferred due to “active auctions” – despite having no auctions active.

Hopefully the issue will resolve during the night, but it does not yet seem entirely fixed.


\o/ I’m so relieved! I’m still on target to get the mount by 9/1/2020! Thank goodness you practice good db management!

Send warm wishes to the team that slaved over the recovery process!

Pvp vendor still isnt in the pvp shed.
Can we get a ETA my lawd kaivax?


Thank you, this is what i was looking for. Blue confirmation.

Hi Kaivax!

I appreciate the updates and transparency in regards to the new AH. It kept me from freaking out when I noticed I wasn’t getting gold from all my sales. I was wondering if you could pass something else along to the Dev team? I and other players have noticed that posting with or without an AH addon has been very slow since the new patch dropped. I’m not sure if that’s the new normal or if it’s a bug, and I can’t find information about it anywhere.

Any additional information regarding this would be greatly appreciated.(:

Thank you guys so much for working on this. I was finally able to server transfer!

Can confirm that my mail has been delivered.

Also, I noticed that new window in the Auctions tab that shows your place in stacks of goods. Much better Blizzard. Much much better. :slight_smile:

Still haven’t received all AH mail on all my characters.

Yep, I think/hope it’s fixed now. Received my ‘lost mail.’ Glad if it’s been resolved. New AH is still crap, but. :woozy_face:

Got my mail back finally too. Nice.

Just lost a bunch of sales had 30-50 min left and refreshed and they all disappeared. New sales are coming in and doing the countdown but that batch is gone and not in my mailbox. Thought this was fixed. Favorites not working either.