Auction house changes, yay or nah?

There was some throttling going on for a while of all AH operations, it’s been pulled back for posting and searching for the most part. Glad to hear you’re able to use the AH again.


Well that delete was a mis-click:

@Oniana, Prove it with quotes, since you’ve already denied saying things I’ve quoted you on multiple times your words alone mean literally nothing.

Buy orders: These don’t solve cancel scanning in any way, they simply give buyers a way to request an item at a certain price versus buying them for current market price on the AH. I do like the idea though it comes with a number of it’s own problems and questions. I’d still love to see something like this implemented just for the whack-a-mole economy mini-game. Might actually help people who want to make gold selling things but don’t want to play the AH game, might make things even worse depending on implementation.

Throttling: This also does not solve cancel scanning, as evidenced by the current implementation alone. It also simply requires sellers to keep a larger inventory, an easy task.

Holding items for X amount of time: Also bypassed with a larger inventory.

Cancel Fees: Also bypassed with a larger inventory.

Please continue with this kind of feedback and let me know if you have a way of coping with the obstacle(s) listed for your solutions.

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Then where the heck are my PvP nerfs to Warlock, DH, and Fire Mage? AND THAT ISN’T EVEN HALF OF IT. BRING BACK BLACKLIST.


I swear the Dev team made Saltwater Potions out of our cries that have gone ignored over the years.

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i agree wholeheartedly

nerf demon hunters

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What is needed is not a throttle but a limit to the number of auctions you can have active at one time.

A limit of 50, 100, 200 reducing the number of individual item sales would speed things up and not affect the normal AH seller/shopper at all.

Changing the AH to a model that allows a buyer to only buy what they want or need no matter how many you post would be even better removing the need to post each item singly or in small stacks.

You post 100 steaks and I only need 10 I can buy 10 from your pile leaving the 90 that remain. Instead of going to the next seller and buying from them as they posted in stacks of 10.

The only negative this will impact is the buy in bulk prices as there would be no way to list two different prices unless it it added that feature to the AH.

AH auction limit would prevent 544 individual posts being not only posted but cancelled as well, but still possible if said items could be stacked.

A negative for gear sellers and individual item bulk posters, but that is the type of seller that slows everything down anyway.

This would limit the number of items on the AH as blizzard has stated a small number of people are responsible for the majority of the posts. It would mean less items to buy for everyone. This causes all number of problems, from not being able to find what you want on the AH to prices going up because supply has been limited.

This here tells me you haven’t actually used the AH in a very long time. The buyer never has to buy more than they want anymore all stackable items posted at the same price are now dropped in a big bucket and anyone who wants to buy the item at that price can buy as many or as few from that bucket as they want (pending availability).

Please make sure to give the new AH a try, throttling and all, and come back to share your feedback on the experience and how you think it can be improved (assuming you still feel that way).


Classic Player so ya I have that view point, but this still affects those servers as well.

The auction line limit would have to be set by the average lines per player currently so if the average is 50 then that would be the new max number of auctions. Giving a starting point.

If this turns out to be a major negative then it can be adjusted up, but if it changes nothing then it could be adjusted down until it speeds up the AH to the point of no noticeable lag.

I have looked at the AH on live and the prices are ridiculously over priced anyways.

My suggestion could be useable or could be junk, but if it works in some form better then an artificial throttle then I am all for it.

Never mind I take my suggestion back and say just get rid of the cancel option.
Put in a confirmation of price feature in to replace it. Auction is then locked to whatever time you set it for.

Yeah it seemed really slow after the first 100 items during a legion search for xmog.

Interesting, I didn’t understand that the throttling changes affected classic. I played the AH for a bit on classic before the addons were able to update fully, I can’t imagine how bad they’ve gotten now if you’re not using addons.

AH prices on live reflect how much gold Blizzard hands out on retail for Quests, WQs, Emissaries, supply chests, killing mobs, and so many other sources. Gold is everywhere so it’s worth way less than on Classic where the sources are fewer and provide less. My opinion here might be skewed because i spend so much time on the AH, but i’m pretty sure doing normal (read non-AH) activites for a few hours a week should earn you 10k+ pretty easy these days.


Oh yeah! I’ve seen searches get throttled at 100, i think they should probably up that to at least the number of items you can hold in your inventor (140ish or so i think for Vulpera). You’re really looking to buy more than 100 items without the intent to resell? Trying to fill out your collection? I’d say you’re probably an outlier there but definitely agree that 100 is too low for search/post.

I’m shopping for an expansion themed xmog competition. So I’m trying thi see what’s available from that expansion and see what would be affordable across all those options.

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Oh, that sounds cool, I hope you have a blast with that! I didn’t know there was a filter for where/when something dropped. I’m sorry this is affecting you it was not a great solution to the problem they claim to have been trying to tackle.

If by the 100 search throttle, you mean where it will get to 100, hang for 4 seconds or so, then continue at full speed again, that’s not actually new, that has apparently always been there. It’s just that they AH wasn’t fast enough to get to that 100 search limit to trigger that 1 time “throttle” until now.

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I’ll have to keep a closer eye on it, I didn’t think it resumed at full speed in my case but I’m not 100% certain. Where did you learn this? I’d like to do some learning myself.

There was a reply post by Sapu on the /r/woweconomy subreddit 5 days ago “The auction house is closed at the moment…”

“Do note that there has been a throttle of 100 searches per 60 seconds since 8.3 went live. This will appear as your TSM scan pausing for a while (but importantly doesn’t impact posting speed as the recent throttling did). The fact that people are just now noticing this shows how slow the AH has been since 8.3 launched, and how much faster it is now they reverted their recent throttling.”


Thanks for sharing!

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I have built bots for many wow-clones (where they are often permissible). I know exactly what a bot is and how they’re created.

A Roomba is a bot. But a person still has to give it a kick when it gets stuck on/under something.

A welding station on an assembly line will feature many bots. People still have to push the buttons. Doesn’t make the bots…not bots.

It’s a shame Blizzard didn’t completely break all AH addons, and designate macro/script lua associated with the AH as being protected, so they can’t be used by players.

I’ve listed loads of stuff over the years, without ever resorting to the use of any addons or shady practices. My only complaint about the AH, so far, has been item-flippers, especially those using “addons” (they really are basically bots) that let you scan the AH in an automated way.

Since the fix, I’ve listed at least 1000 or so items; probably more. No throttling problems at all! The fix feels well tuned to me.

If this latest AH fix is negatively affecting you: GOOD!

TSM is not a bot because TSM does nothing without you telling it to do each time. If you want to post one thing you must tell it to post that once. If you want to post 20 different things, you must tell it to post 20 times. If you want to post n different things, you must tell it to post n times. Just because TSM shorts the process of posting doesn’t make it a bot. By that logic a simple macro that combines one /cast and one /use would be a bot.

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That makes it more like a waldo than a bot, because waldoes are extensions of you and magnify (or for infinitesimal work, scale down) your movements. Bots do what they’re programmed to do, over and over until they’re told to stop.

The few copper or silver is meanignless and changes nothing. TWO changes are needed.

  1. FIFO, common sense when the price is the same.
  2. Undercuts must meet or exceed 10% (this number is negotiable) of the price to be visible. If Anchor Weed is listed for 50g, and there are 7 hours left on that auction: If you list yours for 49g 99s, yours wont even be visible until the 50g one sells or expires in 7 hours. If you list for 45g, yours will be listed immediately and sell first.