Auction house changes, yay or nah?

TSM is not a bot because TSM does nothing without you telling it to do each time. If you want to post one thing you must tell it to post that once. If you want to post 20 different things, you must tell it to post 20 times. If you want to post n different things, you must tell it to post n times. Just because TSM shorts the process of posting doesn’t make it a bot. By that logic a simple macro that combines one /cast and one /use would be a bot.

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That makes it more like a waldo than a bot, because waldoes are extensions of you and magnify (or for infinitesimal work, scale down) your movements. Bots do what they’re programmed to do, over and over until they’re told to stop.

The few copper or silver is meanignless and changes nothing. TWO changes are needed.

  1. FIFO, common sense when the price is the same.
  2. Undercuts must meet or exceed 10% (this number is negotiable) of the price to be visible. If Anchor Weed is listed for 50g, and there are 7 hours left on that auction: If you list yours for 49g 99s, yours wont even be visible until the 50g one sells or expires in 7 hours. If you list for 45g, yours will be listed immediately and sell first.

To break it down tsm is like dbm/big wigs for raiding, all it does is make the information easier to comprehend and makes it easier to post/cancel in large quantities. Imagine being someone like me with 10k or more items to post and the default auction house system. Or better yet try raiding without any addons especially in mythic, people are so reliant on their addons which I don’t think this is a super bad thing as blizzard is incompetent when implementing decent systems they’re always behind, I mean who uses the guild finder lol, or the calendar other than to find out what event is up this week.

People just hate on TSM and such because they’re ignorant to how and what you can do with it, they’re also I’m sure jealous about the gold people have made and are too lazy to do their own research to do the same thing. Gold making isn’t hard but when you explain what you did and how long it took you people are in disbelief like it never happened, I guess in a single word you could call them defeatists.


I have and use TSM, i don’t hate on the addon, i hate on the auction house that makes it necessary, “and on the extreme lag for even normal usage caused by jerks who seem to think the AH only exists for them.”

If you’re listing 10k items a day the AH should be charging you extra gold and people posting less than 100 should pay half as much for deposits.

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I don’t know what you mean the ah has never been slow all of bfa as far as I’m concerned. You’re basically complaining that people are on a bigger scale than you’re and making more gold.

The deposits are nothing no matter where you are, if you’re posting 100 or 10k. Also who do you think provides the majority of the auction house, it isn’t the casual player base, a huge margin of mog/materials/consumables etc. come from those people that play the auction house. I kind of wish they would’ve banned tsm temporarily just so the casual player base could’ve seen the affect it had on the auction house, everything would’ve sky rocketed in price because who would want to post any auctions when there was a 4+ second delay after 50 listings that and if you didn’t have the capability to post a lot of items at once the ah would shrink more than 50% I guarantee it.

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Hardly, i make tons of gold, but i don’t list thousands of herbs 1 at a time.

If your AH never lags you’re obviously on a dead server group, good for you. I’m over here taking nearly a minute every time i have ot look up a different mat for a recipe.

PS: I love how you think TSM makes the game lol. The AH worked before TSM existed and would continue to after.

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Can’t seem to find your realm since it’s connected with 5 servers which typically means you’re on the dead realm, I’m on the 5th highest pop server. Also you clearly don’t know how to make gold although after the auction house change it doesn’t matter but if you think people were listing mats 1 at a time then you don’t keep up with the ah what so ever and their changes, they increased the deposit cost of mats so you had to post in stacks otherwise you’d be losing profit.
I didn’t say tsm made the game, but the thing is if you believe what you said you’ve probably never worked in bulk or had enough gold to even need tsm in that regard as far as I’m concerned.
But I’ll say it once more tsm like every other addon makes the information easier to comprehend and all it does in the end is reduce the amount of time you spend posting so you can get back to the gameplay, that is if you can stand the current content available as I personally think watching tv and staring at the auction house making gold is more entertaining than what’s currently available other than mythic.


/facepalm. Why do you think they had to change it? Do you think they just randomly decided posting 1 at a time was bad, no body ever did it, but they changed the game anyways?

Blizzard is playing catchup instead of just using common sense and cutting abusers off from the start. Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile.

The current state of things doesn’t really harm gold makers what so ever, the only reason they increased the deposit for posting single items is because it was taking up more space than needed, psure if you post 1 herb and you sell it you take a loss, vs posting a stack you only lose like 1% on that same single herb. This was obviously a change for the better but the only difference it made was so you couldn’t pretty stack and overcharge people which is a beginner gold making technique that was very easy to do.
As far as the current state of the ah like I said it doesn’t affect making gold in any way other than those that cancel scan and undercut every few minutes. I didn’t do this as it’s too much effort and I don’t really deal in consumables.

Also the current version of the auction house was a lazy attempt at an update to their original bad system, it doesn’t even make it easier to post other than in single item quantities, but try selling mog or just in general unique id items and a lot of them. I literally have like 5 guild banks full of items on every server I’ve played on with an obscene amount of stuff I’ve collected over the years, I shouldn’t be punished just because you play for an hour a month and don’t acquire as much stuff as me. Not referring to you specifically but as a general statement.

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Gather them? No, he bought out every other auction available as it’s listed all at once, then resells them so he’s the only one selling stuff. Doesn’t farm at all. People shouldn’t have to pay to move because he’s exploiting and using bots to spend a couple minutes a day ruining the server for everyone else. And because it’s not the norm, Blizz shouldn’t take action against him? OK bro.

Well, if he bought yours… Didn’t you get the price you were asking for it?

Second, you could do the exact same thing if you were inclined to do so, without botting.

Lastly, it’s not against the ToS and Blizzard hasn’t said “Don’t do this,” ever. As to your “it’s not the norm” argument, there are a number of people on every server that actually do this.


Yes you should. You use a resource more, you pay more for it. In fact every month the orphanage in Orgrimmar should get a bit bigger as they raise your “taxes”

I hate the new graphical interface.

Not surprisingly, he isn’t heavily invested in this exchange, so you’ve had the last word here. This might draw parallels to some of his in-game activities, goals, and sentiments.

I hate being so late to the discussion. Likely no one reads this.

If someone buys it out to repost…just make more. Keep making more and keep letting them buy you out. Assuming you’re selling at a profit, you win. Also, increase the price to find out where they’ll stop buying. Then keep pumping them full of whatever they’ll keep buying.

There isn’t anyone losing out here…and it’s weird to think there is.

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I noticed it is simpler for me to post the random stuff I have lying around and buying things is a lot easier to do. I enjoy the changes to the AH. Then again this is feedback from a player that hasn’t posted anything or purchased anything in probably 2 weeks now.

You were pulled out of your AC cave a number of days ago, I would try the same here…I recently explained to someone the great benefits to TSM as I saw them…I explained to them how it made it practical for me to purchase herbs & ore from the AH, craft pots/elixirs/metal thingies, and then sell them at a price, and he just casually dismissed it as “flipping”.

I confess I was a bit put off by this summary, as I feel I’m offering a transformative value and not merely flipping…I view myself as a producer…a link in a chain…

But all this to ask, Mr. Blammo…do you consider what I do flipping?

Ugh…please don’t thank Blizzard for shooting you in the knee instead of the head.

The post definitely said traffic or activity, but didn’t use so concrete a term as “post” or “item”. I don’t think we can jump to the conclusion that they make a significant portion of the AH volume…only that they generate a large amount of the post/cancel/post thrashing.