AU Draenor and Lightbound question

I was wondering about this, but do the Alliance know (Lorewise) about Yrel and the Lightbound?

When you consider the number of Mag’har who’ve come over, and factor in that they have no reason to keep it a secret, there’s no reason why the information couldn’t have crossed over.

That said, I don’t believe any Ally characters directly reference it.


I doubt it would be too important as the Alliance is already familiar with the Scarlet Crusade.

No reason that they would.

Shaw might find out eventually, but it’s not something that’s common knowledge even among the Horde.

I gurantee that Shaw learned the details via his spies but as others have said, no one has stated anything alliance side.

Some do, but who and how many is unknown. In the Battle of Daza’lor, there’s a Mag’har raid boss who mentions the Lightbound to Alliance PCs, Shaw and Genn. They then might have mentioned it to others.

Plus, there’s Mag’har who might have told a member of the Horde who was willing to interact with the Alliance, as you’d think some Mag’har would have more to say about Light-worshippers among the Horde such as the Sunwalkers and Blood Knights, especially since they know there are Lightforged Draenei on Azeroth (or at least Geya’rah does).

waiting to see a Lightforged and a Mag’har members of dragonscale expedition having a friendly rivalry or heated interactions


Not going to happen when Humans and Orcs are making kissyface.

It’s worth noting that none of them have any reason to care.

Being told “Hey, in a hypothetical alternate timeline some Draenei might have gone a little crazy with the Light” just isn’t something that would or should matter to most people. It’s the equivalent of being told “I had a bad dream last night, you were evil in it!”

Like… okay? So?

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The Lightforged, Highmountain and Void Elves have been way underutilized compared to the Nightborne.

Though the Nightborne did come with a big ole bolus of lore and their own raid, so they’re probably easiest to use.

I would LOVE the Lightforged perspective, is what I’m saying.

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The Mag’har NPCs in Orgrimmar mention the draenei and Lightforged both, so they’re pretty vocal about it. It’s safe to assume that The Alliance has learned of this through osmosis, if the level of cross-faction canoodling in Valdrakken is any indication.

It’s kind of humorous, since without either flavor of draenei victory against The Legion would not have happened… Not to be all “what exactly have you done for us” with our Mag’har friends but, yeah. They’re like our embarrassing country cousins.

Alliance intelligence being what it is, they likely know, yes.

They had agents all over Orgrimmar during the 4th War, Sylvanas knew about their existence and used them to make the Alliance think the Horde was marching to Silithus prior to the War of Thorns.

With all those agents, Shaw still missed the boat on w hat was really going on since most of what they saw in Orgrimmar was staged for their benefit. They werent’ there to scope out origin stories. Heck to the Alliance, the Mag’har are just more orcs.

On the other hand, without the Erodar, you wouldn’t have a Legion at all.

Not to mention that both Alliance and Horde members could respond with something like. “I don’t know about this ‘Lightbound’ situation, but did you forget the Iron Horde?”