Attunements and Summons

Hi guys! Just wanted to know if anyone would be interested in a paid service that involves summons to the Test of Skulls dragons’ locations and the turn in point in Dustwallow Marsh as well as the MC attunement location. Some scheduling would be needed to make the MC attunement run as I would like to be able to maximize the time spent inside BRD productively. I would be offering the service for 25g for the entire Test of Skulls summons and the MC attunement for 15g.

I would list the times for those events on a discord channel so that people would be able to look up the times available and schedule their summons/attunements in advance.

Currently, I operate a group of warlocks and offer summons to the following places for the rates listed below:

Kargath 5g
Orgrimar 5g
Undercity 5g
Cenarion Hold (Silithus) 5g

I am looking to expand the services offered to include attunements only if there is enough demand.