Attunements and p4

P5 is soon enough for doing away with the attunements. This isn’t retail where the only thing that matters is the latest raid and keeping attunements for the current content while phasing it out for older content is a good compromise that preserves the TBC spirit without severely impacting new players.

We were told that at the beginning of each phase the previous phase attunements would be removed… Here we are! Remove BT/Hyjal attunements now!

This phase is not a new raid tier. You’re being disingenuous.

The catch up is not supposed to put you straight into T6… removing every reason to do the old raids is how we get retail raiding where the previous tiers might as well not exist when the new ones come out.

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Pretty sure ZA is a raid… Kara was the main content for p1 so this is no different.

It’s a raid. Not a raid tier. But you know that. Again, disingenuous.

Kara is much larger, drops tier, and has two other raids with it.

oh. Embrace the raid log!



This will be great for green-geared whales in GDKPs!


wait for swp

Thank god! Best news all week

and then you remember the sr neck quest chain

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Blue post literally confirmed I was right that they should be removed with the phase change… see above :stuck_out_tongue:

Sad to see but I can understand the reasoning, even if I disagree with it. I suspect this is driven by analytics on how many players the developers want to see in T6 and I suppose the nerf bat to T6 won’t be far behind if this change won’t boost the participation numbers sufficiently.


Now if we could get badges from Hyjal and BT since they are “last phase” content that would be awesome!

@kudger - They literally said, before t6 was rolled out, that there would be no post-nerf version.

They also said T5 would get a couple minor nerfs to Kael and Vashj before proceeding to obliterate the entire tier with the nerf bat.

I suspect they have metrics they want to hit for player progression with T6 and will do what they deem necessary to hit them as I have no doubt they’re worried that stalled players will stop playing.

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T6 is way easier, and already in its nerfed state. I highly doubt they’ll introduce new nerfs past what was done in TBC originally.

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metrics should be at rock bottom for such an acceleration of content
and retailers still have at least 10 more months of Robotlands

They simply moved t5 to its final state. T6 is already in its final state

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wich is NOT what they said at first and then retconed themselves and told us to remember something that was never said

They jumped the gun and had to delay it due to zero warning. At that point there was no point in putting in a nerf to just nerf it again a month later. They split the difference and put the final version in a little early vs following through with the “phase change” that was originally announced. It literally saved classic, it was a very smart move.

With the release of Zul’Aman:

  • The Battle for Mount Hyjal and The Black Temple no longer require attunement to enter.