Attunements and p4

Are BT and Hyjal attunements being removed just like kara at the begining of p2 and ssc/tk just prior to p3? Last attunements in the game should die asap!

They will likely be removed in Phase 5…


That’s lame… its already been too long. All guilds are replacing people and rerolling people and going back to old content for attunements does not support modern raiders get in and get out attitude

t6 hasnt even been out two months relax if u cant be btherd to do the attunes thats on you not the game


T6 attune is not even a lot lmao anyone who cares at all can get a pug to steamroll T5

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I have like 6 toons attuned. As a GM I don’t like coordinating it for new recruits or rerolls that have not completed it. I would rather my guys spend their time and consumes in current content. It drastically shrinks the recruiting pool that is already ravashed by GDKPs. They were a horrible idea back then and should be stripped out asap. Our server doesn’t have pugs doing them anymore, only gdkps with 100+ sign ups for every run. Its not exactly easy getting in.

Yeah i dont understand why they arent removing them.

Attunements were a very bad system thankfully they removed in better versions of the game.

Retail mentality.


not burning out my raiders making them go to crap instances for something that shouldn’t even be in the game any more is retail mentality?

People: TBC is a raid log expansion!

Same people: Pls remove everything that might require you to do something other than raid logging, it’s too much


Your raiders already have theirs attunements, right ?

So, what’s the issue ? How can they get a burn out from those “crap instances” ?

Pushing the players to the latest available content ONLY is clearly a retail mentality + as someone said it has been only 2 months since T6 was released calm down.

replacements is the main issue. When someone has real life pop up we have to fill. Finding people ready to step into t6 is actually a challenge on some servers. Either they are not geared, attuned, or both. GDKP runs eat up a large portion of the raid ready population.

For wooppee, the attunements are raids so that solves nothing.

sounds like u need to go to a better server

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That’s not the “modern raider” that’s the retail raider.

Some of us are playing Classic to specifically get away from that.


and yet here we are with 99% playing that exact way

Citation needed.

Your personal friend group does not equal to 99%.

you are the one making wild claims

If you are in fact trying to GM appropriately and keep a thriving guild you would put together an attune run. Or your main crew should have no issues doing one quick little Vashj and Kael kill and sub in a handful of newcomers. It also lets you see how they perform in raid before dragging them into Hyjal/BT.

Heck, my guild still has the main 2 teams clearing Vashj / Kael / cherrypick other bosses. Belt of 100d and verdant spheres are still bis and useful for people. Not to mention ashes. Are you not doing this?

Regardless, if the recruits are unwilling to kill two old bosses one time to become current, they’re not worth the investment.


The reason you cannot give a citation is because you pulled the number out of nowhere.

There’s still a lot of genuine BIS in T5, so it’s not like people don’t want to run it. E.g. Belt of One Hundred Deaths.

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