Attumen the Huntsman Dispel Weakaura

After having run Lower Karazhan twice, and recording both runs where the ghost did NOT appear over the person to dispel (except when it was on me), and having the group members having to say who it was on (one guy saying “Me” without his name --and I was in listen only mode) and having to spam heal through the debuffs until my hand and wrist muscles were screaming in pain I went to Yumy’s channel on Twitch. There I saw that he had some weakaura that lights up the frame of the person needing the dispel and so went to wago to try to find it. But I had no luck.

Does anyone have just such a weakaura? Thanks in advance for any thoughts or help in regards to the amazing weakaura.


ooops oh well

the one i linked i think was if it was on you now on someone else

Yeah, in one run I linked the weakaura now available at wago and everyone got it. I think you have to click on the ghost or something if it is on you. The dps in the group that had it did nothing and so there was not only no ghost over their heads (like apparently there should be) so that the healer (me) could see it, but there was also no message in chat about it. That was with the second group (the first group having incompetent, non-healer friendlies in it). Anyhow in both cases I ended up having to spam heal the group nonstop through the debuff while doing mechanics, meaning a pretty much sustained 15 or 16k plus hps requirement for two or three minutes until my hand and wrist hurt (they still hurt as I type this the next day). That was on only 12 keys. I imagine that on a 15 or higher spam healing the group through would simply be out of the range of possibility unless maybe you were max geared or around 300 ilevel. Disc priests could simply not do 12s spam healing now and would go oom for sure. Holy is more mana efficient so can do it at the 12 level currently, assuming at least a 280 ilevel.

I don’t think any such weakaura can exist. The debuff can’t easily be tracked by 3rd party mods. Nobody was able to make one back in legion.

That said they made the ghost way easier to see now.

they did make one but your whole 5 man must have it or it wont work.

Well sure, yeah, but what’s being asked for is one that tells you what the correct dispel is when only you have it installed.

They said they told their group to install the 5-man one, so I’m assuming they know it exists.

Yeah, the lead tank in the second group literally messaged in chat: We have done two other runs and the healer had no issues. My reply was that the healer must have had to spam heal the group nonstop to get them through.

We were not in voice and if these guys were in voice like the first group, they probably cared nothing that I would kill my hand and wrist muscles spam healing them. Most dont care one iota about healers, stand in fire, miss kicks and CC, and can make your healing experience hell and do just that out of carelessness. (Rant over).

As for Blizzard in all of this: Great job. Edging me (and probably other healers) ever closer to not only unsubbing, but not resubbing in the future. (Excuse the quick escalation but my hand hurts now as I type this).

Yumy was literally laughing about it in his stream the weakaura was so good. I suspect now–having read a number of posts, that said weakaura requires the person with the ghost over his/her head to relay that message by clicking on the ghost or something. There also seems to be a problem in understanding that the healer can only see the ghost if it is on the healer and not otherwise.

They all said in chat they had installed it after I linked it. But during the actually fight later, at the end of the dungeon there was no message in chat about who had the ghost, there was no lit up frame like in Yumy’s stream either. And I videorecorded the fight and went over it a few times to see if I had made any wrongs–and had not. I hence had to spam heal them through that debuff–which does a lot of damage on everyone for a couple minutes.

Edit: At wago it appears there are two weakauras and I may have installed the “wrong” one, but I dont know for sure. It looks as though you have to install the one with the following description: “yells “DISPEL ME(auto)” if you have the debuff that needs to be dispelled, if someone else yells the correct message, it will glow their frame (eg if everyone has the aura, you will always see the glow on correct person).” And not the one reading: Yells “DISPEL - GHOST ON ME” after aura gets clicked. Also, as mentioned above you need everyone to have installed it. I am not sure if you have to click on anything in game if you have the ghost on you either. Hence: maybe you do, maybe you dont. (???)

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anyway ya lol it’s not easy, and different races, comps, and player movement and stacking can make it really challenging

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Are you sure healers cant see it ? I personally dont know as I have only done lower as dps. But I did see the ghost on our healer in one group and was able to mass dispel it off of them. They were standing far enough out that I only hit them with it. Not quite sure what happens if I hit the entire group.

everyone dies

Any incorrect dispel kills the entire group.

It’s much easier to see the ghost post-patch, but it’s still annoying in melee heavy groups, especially with certain covenant abilities that make people glow, etc.

It’s a test of your ability to pick out one infrequent effect out of a sea of melee spam abilities. I can only see it maybe 20% of the time. If it was visible all the time, it would be a doable mechanic… but it’s not.

Back in legion i had an actual team so they would call out. luckily i did it recently with 2 friends and each time it was on the same person who was my friend so was very helpful