Atrophy 6/9M LFM

(Visra) #18

My pc died for it but we’re 2/9M now boys, we doin it

(Menissela) #19

any need for a MW?

(Fightox) #20

Monk spots are all filled atm friend, sry!

(Thoibedamned) #21

Still on the hunt! Apply soon!

(Turrailen) #22

Big Monkey down! Time to shower in gold next.


396 Shadow Priest 4/9H kills. Many 5% pulls on Conclave. And 1 to 2 % wipes on Mythic Champss


Oh hai I’m looking for a mythic team, I only do tank on my DK, I am 409 equipped, you raid times work perfect for me since I work 5am to 2pm PST.
I have lots of mythic experience from previous expansions like
11/13 M on hellfire citadel,
6/11 M Antorus,
2/9 M BoD.
Just looking for the right fit to do mythic this Expansion

My Battlenet is

(Menissela) #25

any need for a MW?

(Zarregis) #26

Opulence will be down before you know it. Don’t miss out!

(Thoibedamned) #27

Ready for more Motivators to join our ranks! Come apply!

(Turrailen) #28

Hungry bumps

(Visra) #29

conclave progression is fun :slight_smile:

(Fightox) #30

Back to the top!


Almost got conclave! :astonished:

(Visra) #32

still need ppl pls pst

(Thoibedamned) #33

Still need applicants, reach out today!


We’ll be taking on King Rastakhan pretty soon! Come join us!

(Visra) #36

everytime i come back here to bump us up keebo has a new mog idk i appreciate the commitment to constantly change things up


any heroic teams to start on?


This is my main