Atrocious (Area-52) - 2 Night Mythic Guild (Wed/Th 8PM~11PM EST) 9/9M Amirdrassil CE 9/9M ATSC - 8/8M Vault CE


We’ve been raiding together since Mists of Pandaria, pushing to be the best we can be on a short raid schedule!

Please message/add on Discord to set up a casual interview


・Get Cutting Edge in a reasonable amount of time while maintaining a 2 night schedule
・Create long lasting friendships

Recruitment Needs for core spots
Rogue, Havoc, Enhancement Resto Druid, Holy Paladin, Resto Sham, Healer Priest. These are for 10.3/Season 4

All other exceptional Apply.


・Wednesday 8PM~11PM EST
・Thursday 8PM~11PM EST


We consistently analyze raid logs to check for performance and message members when we catch things that can be improved upon.

We expect standard raid etiquette to be upheld by all current and new members (i.e being on time to raid, having consumables, having needed weakauras/addons, using potions & defensives properly, not insulting others, etc). We push hard to maximize our short amount of time in raid!

Previous guild names

Guild Name Pending
Ready Check Last Pull
Limit Break

Looking for Aug Evokers to solidify our roster for this tier!

Looking For Awesome Players

looking for more solid players

Looking for people to blast!!!

I have a couple classes/specs to choose from. I’m currently looking for a mythic guild. Sent Yimyam a request but My bnet is Frostwolf#11757

Looking for more people!!!

Looking for more!!

Looking for More!!!

Fyrakk dead! Looking for more!!!