At what time can we create more than 3 characters?

I am on Grobb =) Hopefully, that won’t be too much of an issue.

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So only 10 chars per server but 50 on the total account right?

Ah yeah it does say that there guess I didn’t read in carefully enough.

Read it.

Thanks for the replies all problem solved.

10:00 a.m. PDT on Monday:


Great… Should I be surprised that I will once again miss a launch due to work.


It’s 5 hours before launch.
Wherever you are, whatever ‘your’ launch time, it’s 5 hours before that.

As an example, in New York City, Launch is 6pm on the 26th.
At 1pm on the 26th you can log in and create your characters on the new realms.

Good luck to all who did not get that special name, that’s your chance.

5 hours.
Before launch.



It doesn’t matter what time Blizzard picks, there will ALWAYS be someone who dislikes it. It’s up to players to decide if they will make plans around the announced time ( which was was announced weeks ago btw ).


What name are you trying to get on what realm?

Edit: To clarify, I will try to grab the name for you.


That’s not the launch time. That’s just the character creation limit being returned to normal.

3 pm PDT is launch time.


Thanks for the reply Kaivax.

:rofl: I like this.

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The character limit being removed five hours early was not announced weeks ago; it doesn’t affect me as I will be able to log on at 13:00 EDT (1:00 PM), luckily, but it does affect others. That being said, I agree with the rest of your statement; when you have a simultaneous global launch some regions are going to get the short end of the stick and some will luck out, and it can’t be avoided. People that act like their region should get the best launch time (for them) is rather selfish.


Do you…do you want a tissue or?


Old blanchy…might change server

Thanks Kaivax!

thank you for the info i’ll be waiting to make my 3 more toons

Oh yes because we can all make plans to not work the day this happens… Got news for you. Even if I did request off I wouldn’t get it right now. Short handed and lots of work to do.

To top it off I will not be home till 11 that night. Chances are I will get to log into Classic Thursday at best. Now I never said this had to be designed around my schedule. I simply said it is more of the same.

I started playing WoW before I had a Wife, career, and kids. Got all of that now and I just don’t see how I can make the time to have that experience again. My life just will not let it happen.


What’s the purpose of this diary entry.

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