At first I was excited, now I'm just angry

Completely roasted if you say anything more moronic or obtuse than you already have.

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I literally listed things that didn’t take me out of stormwind, dalaran, or thaldraszus (except one pet trainer in Waking Shores) that got me all 1000.

You can cut out the pet trainers for things like “Sell 5000g on the AUction House” and such too.

And not doing work orders is your choice. It is incredibly easy to buy the mats for 10 basic items (I made fishing poles), send them to an alt, and personal order 10 of them from you.

i dont think blueberries roast very well

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You can go one shot bosses in Molten Core and BWL, the 25 raid bosses is ANY raid boss.

Honestly though, now that im reading this stuff on the log, it seems really easy. I dont see why someone would complain about it.

Im doing some WQs right now. I hugged alex too. pretty funny stuff

Another reason to avoid.

Tender resetting, bosses not counting, etc.

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495 posts later, he gets it, finally.

I didn’t get the mount. Relogged, boom, it was there.

Avoid it if you want, I got a cool color changing mount.

It changes every month.

I would consider “the grind” for the future when you see something else you’ll probably want.

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and old world quests count too? wow. this is amazing

i take it all back. but i still think its a soon to be battle pass which needs better rewards

There’s also super random ones like using 5 Happy Pet Snacks (costs like 40 silver) gives you 100 points, which is 1/10th of what you need for the month. lol.

i hope there is no currency cap

Blizzard is an award winning limbo crew. Dragonflight reeks of just put this out and whatever we can suck out of the remaining player base is meilleur que nada.

There is no cap.

There’s no cap, but you can only earn 2k this month.

it would be cool if one month had an item that requires a few thousand

literally, they added something to the list from every aspect of the game…even pet battles, fishing, gathering, so yeah…you dont have to do raid/dungeon/pvp…lots of other stuff on the list.

open your adventure guide…I was skeptical too…but seriously, almost done with it, easy peasy

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This is why you should always have low expectations.

Just noticed tho…the earn 5k gol on AH is not giving credit :frowning:
maybe it will udate tomorrow or something?

Yes, it’s for solo players.

Why would you have your throwing daggers on your back?