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blue.mmo-champion com/topic/1110771-vulpera-hype/

Are you just bad at your job or what?

Oh cool, an EU post and only one out of how long a list of non-Vulpera posts? Fair enough, you got me there, there is a single one.

Also, “Job”, haha okay.

SO i give you what you want but thats not good enough because it doesnt fit your narrative

Are you seriously stupid? MVP isn’t a job, it is just a recognition as “Most Valuable Poster”.

stop white knighting. He called me out, i slam dunked in his face but its not good enough now lol. gotcha - It literally took me 10 seconds to find that post.

Excuse me? My narrative? Have you looked at your own post???

You make blanket statements trying to make it sound like all they are responding too are fluff threads when, just looking at the above list, the majority of their responses are on non-vulpera related threads.

Fair enough, you found one and I admitted that you got me there but also pointed out that its an EU thread and the only one and you try to paint me as trying to spin a narrative? Dude, get out of here with that.

Let me lay down some knowledge for ya, friend.

I pointed out that you are being Hyperbolic in your claims and exaggerating things and you even proved it with only a single Vulpera thread and not even on OUR WoW forums. So don’t paint it as if they are goofing off when most their communication have been on hotfixes, bugs, new features, ect as of late. Yeah, you are upset, but exaggerating facts like you are does not help your case.

Second, this is the Retail General Discussion forums not the Classic General Discussion forums. You are not going to get the responses you are looking for here, at best your thread will get moved over to the Classic Forums where its more likely to get the proper attention it needs.

Third, I am 99% sure that Blizzard is aware of the situation if the forums over there are as “filled to the brim” with complaint on this issue as you said, however not every thread can be responded too and if they have no solution at this time what are you expecting? If they come out with a standard “We are aware of this and are keeping an eye on things” is it going to change anything other than just invite “WoW, Blizzard does not care, they don’t know what they are doing anymore!” level threads?

Do you know how many threads on this forum exist that deserve responses far more than yours? Quite a few. Quite a few people who have made well written, calm, collective posts expressing their disdain or providing general feedback that never once see a response. Why on earth does this thread that is literally both breaking forum guidelines–


by targeting devs in the title as well as being rude, non-constructive, hyperbolic, and made in the wrong sub-forum deserving of such? Especially with your attitude already shown here. If you are going to jump on me for pointing out the exaggerations in your post do you really think that is inviting for a Blue?

Fourth, you don’t even understand what my title is or represents and yet you vaguely want a dev as if you are asking for a manager? That person you just linked isn’t even a Dev. Community Managers are not Devs, they are “Community Managers” who are active in the community! The community is more than just responding to every person who comes in here with a bad attitude and reassures them that they are going to bend over backwards for you. Lord forbid they post in a light hearted thread every once in a blue moon.

What are you seriously expecting for them to tell you at this point that’s not going to result in you just taking the same tone you are taking with others when you do not like the response they give?

Take my advice, re-think you thread from the beginning. Post it in the proper place, express what the issue is and why you are upset instead of just saying you are upset and feel ignored, express what you think should be done, and realize that just like 99% of all other posts that never get a Blue post, go in with the expectation that you probably are not just like everyone else.

So maybe stow this attitude of yours, stop exaggerating just because you are not getting the attention you seek, and instead use that energy productively, in the right place, constructively and civilly and realize that they most likely know about this issue but continued feedback is a good idea. Key word being “feedback”.


Also, to give this some perspective–

200 Blue Posts, 3 of them are Vulpera Related with 1 of the three being the feature announcement post on Vulpera and Mechagnomes and both “Vulpera” threads are over in the UK (Where is the US love guys?)

Two-Hundred posts over FIVE pages and only 2 are Blizzard responding to “Vulpera” threads, both on the EU. The rest being Feedback Threads, Hotfix Threads, “Classic Known Issue” threads, ect.

10 chars

I’m confused…

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kind of like the Venruki thread in the arena forums?

Dude, this happened in Classic, this isn’t new. You knew when you got a pre-made because you got steam rolled. You can only fight back with a pre-made yourself.

If it’s gonna be that bad, then just stop going in to AV?

Blizz is patching AV because it is that bad.

Wrong forums. BTW. did you miss when we said no changes? Also, did you read that a new AV will come out at some point.

By linking a single blue post from the EU forums?

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Yes. He asked for an example. Hell he even gave me a link to blue tracker. I found a post about it in 5 seconds. That is a slam dunk.

mmo-champion (dot)com/topic/1110802-alterac-valley-adjustments-incoming/

is u finished or are we done

EU CMs don’t post on these forums which you made the claim they were too busy posting in Vulpera threads. So you linked some thing from a different forums by people who don’t post in this one.

He asked for an example and i gave him one?

No you did not. You gave an example of someone on a different forum, who does not post in these forums.

So a wow forum isnt a wow forum because its in the EU. Got it. You came in all on your high horse thinking you were going to prove something and it backfired, now youre mad writing me love letter size posts.

I thank you for defending me Hamstar, I really do, but the guy is upset and isn’t wanting to reason. I mean, look at his response to mine where all the managed was a–

He isn’t looking for discussion, which is kinda the point of these forums to begin with, and he does not want to admit he was wrong in anything. Something I have already done and acknowledged–

The fact that he has the attitude he has, is not willingly to listen to council on the matter, and continues to respond like this… It’s not worth the hassle man. Again, I really appreciate you having my back on this one as its a breath of fresh air at times on the forums, I really do, but I don’t think you are going to get anywhere with him.

Yes, EU and US are two different forums and have different CMs. You made the claim that CMs (not devsssssss btw) are too busy posting in Vulpera threads. Are you now claiming you meant ones who do not read these forums and do not post on these forums?

P.S. Here is a list even of the current EU and NA CMs. Notice they are not the same people.