[A][Stormrage]<Gnome Depót> AOTC Guild Recruiting for TWW!

Yes I would be interested in joining. I’m not even close to being able to do raiding. I’m pretty much learning the game and kind questing along. I do want to learn raids at some point but for now I’m just enjoying the lore and learning how to play.

Im a mage and spec into fire because it looked fun lol. I’m at work right now but I left my battlenet name if you want to add me there and my in game name as well. Really just looking for chill and friendly people.

Weird it’s showing me as hunter but I switched from moon guard to stormrage be suse I guess moon guard was a RP server lol.

sure! Id love to chat with you! is there a way i can get ahold of you? you can message me on discord Byndi#5161 or you can send me your battle tag and I can reach out to you

remake! :slight_smile:

still looking for recruits!! bumping :stuck_out_tongue:

Bumpalicious bumpastiticious

Still looking for new members to add to the family!

What does your trial period/qualifications look like?

Basically the trial period is 2 weeks and we are just checking for attendance and watch for any concerns. Although we do watch our trials playstyle and how well they know their toon We don’t usually gage our final decision based off performance due to if people are doing we do work with them and try to help them learn. After the 2 weeks if the member wants to stay and everyones in agreement we move them to our roster as a raider.

Gotta keep pushing lol

Still recruiting for m+ and active members for our super fun guild events!!

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I’d love to chat with you! Do you have discord?