[A][Stormrage]<Gnome Depót> AOTC Guild Recruiting for TWW!

yes sorry about the late response I was out having a baby :slight_smile: If your still looking please feel free to contact me!!!

Just messaged you. 395 Balance/resto Druid. Hope you’re still recruiting!

Congratz on the BABY! I have a 387 BM hunter 5/8 N if you have a spot open on your Fri/Sat team

Still looking for more for the Sunday, Wed team.

Come join the Sunday Funtime!

Come give us a try! We have something for everyone!

Still looking for some rDPS for a little pew pew on the Wed./Sun. group.

Hello, I applied on my monk, I do have 65 mage and warlock on another server I could finish if you could use more ranged in any slots. I can get either to 70 quickly.

Nice to have you, I’ll be around tomorrow, just shoot me a message and we can talk about it. Welcome to the guild :smiley:

welcome to the guild!

Still lookikg for more dps? I have a 391 BM hunter and a 381 ele shaman would be happy to bring one over to raid and do mythic + with. . Im 8/8n and 5/8H, wouldn’t be opposed to trying a new class depending on the need of the guild

We are still looking, do you have a discord so we can chat?

I sent you a request, we spoke before but I took a break from wow now looking to come back :slight_smile:

awesome, I’m just trying to figure out which one was you… im sorry i got like 5 requests between last night and today.

Lol no worries, I just sent you a message letting you which one I am and added you to discord

Welcome to the family!

Looking for more weird to meld with our weird.


Still looking for more for both raid teams :smiley:

bumping for clout :stuck_out_tongue: