[A][Stormrage] <AGOGF> 8/10M 2-night recruiting DPS (DK, Ele sham!) for Mythic/CE progression!

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Maaaaaaaaaaaaan, .7% wipe on Denathrius! :frowning:

Upping. We want denathrius deaddddddddddddddd

He dies tuesday tho

Happy new year, everyone! :smiley:

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Hope everyone’s being safe and warm! I know I definitely am :X

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also still QQ’ing about .7%

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Upping for visibility. Where’s the rDPS at!?

We’re down to needing/wanting just one person who’s a DPS main with a healing offspec or vice-versa. This is more-so for when our core healers are gone for IRL reasons, or if a fight is requiring 5 healers or whatever. We’re open to talk about it 8)

Upping. First two-day raid week in like 3 weeks due to the holidays. AotC and 2/10M. Yay! Recruiting monk 8)

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