Asset loading, long loading screens

I’ve been playing wow since 2005 and this issue recently started during the Legion expansion. Assets are slow to load especially in big cities and it just gets worse over time.
I’ve tried reinstalling, using SSD, updating all my drivers, New ISP, hard wired internet, defragging, virus scans, uninstalling all addons. Nothing seems to work.

While a fresh install of the game seems to make it run perfectly fine for a couple days doing a fresh install every 2-3 days is not really something I want to be hassled with doing.

Now I know I’m not alone in this issue blizzard because a quick search on the internet will reveal tens of thousands of similar posts. I think we need an actual tech support person who is in the higher rankings with actual experience to comment on this.

It’s also not my PC I have a very high end PC and can run every single game at max settings with at least 100+ FPS. It’s also not my monitor I’ve tried multiple ports, plugs, and refresh rates.

WoW is literally the ONLY game where I have this issue. I would like an actual answer as to how I can fix this.

The forums are largely community-supported and not a guaranteed point of contact for staff. So if you’re opposed to community assistance and have a special need to speak with staff only, you will want to use their ticket system for that. They may come across your thread, but that’s also not guaranteed. However, keep in mind that many members of the community do have hundreds or thousands of hours related to troubleshooting game problems.

As far as this issue goes, it’s not as common as it may seem. Many threads about this are from years ago, and it’s impossible to know what the hardware/software/addon setup or issue was with each computer without employing some troubleshooting steps.

If you have an older hard drive still in the system, this could drag performance down. Additionally, more information than “I have a very high end PC” would be needed to make any definitive statements about the hardware’s ability to perform well with WoW. A DxDiag report should be included with all new technical support threads, per the instructions at the top of the forum:

Edit: If you add the report, someone in the community (maybe me) might be able to take a peek at it for you. Otherwise, you’ll probably want to open a ticket, which will also require the DxDiag, along with another system report.

Hey Felkegger,

Instead of reinstalling WoW, try deleting the Cache folder in the World of Warcraft\_retail_ folder.

If everything else is working well on your system (drive performance for the SSD is good, etc) then slow loading textures may be caused by a corrupt cache. There’s a number of different reasons the cache may become corrupt or slow to load, addons are really the main cause other than harddrive issues.