Assassination rogue pvp 2v2


Hello assassination rogues,

I’m making my first mistake by posting in the vicious arena forums, where I may get stomped by all the r1 guys. I want to get better at assassination rogue in arena, specifically 2s for now. You can armory my gear as I think it’s pretty decent for just hitting 120 three weeks ago. I feel my dps is pretty weak, as I usually end a match around 5-7k. Bleed management might be a problem, as sometimes I feel I’m wasting the 4-5cp on rupture instead of pumping out envenoms. I also feel I waste combo points on a kidney, because I sometimes use kidney into a DR target. Is there any basic advice you can give me on to up my dps. Maybe I’ll record a video of some of you are up for watching and someone can provide feedback? I do play other classes above 2300, so I feel that it may be just me getting comfortable with the class and spec.

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watch pikaboo, join THE MOVE, adopt an obnoxious positive mental attitude.

youll go up 400 rating


you had me at arena forums being vicious lol, we all just some glorified kitty lickers in here

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if u can do this i can look over it. Im not a r1 but im 2.9 this expac and know the spec well. id be glad to help u fam

as for the gear, you stats are haste=vers>mastery>crit so id suggest switching your enchants on the rings to haste or vers and when you get sockets to put haste/vers in them as well. id also suggest siwtching from quick navigation to versatile navigation. overall not a big deal, but could help at securing kills when someone gets super low and make all the difference

the best way to improve is like someone suggested above, watching people who are insane at the class you want to play. For sin id suggest:

Whaazz (when he actually plays it)
Nahj (great to watch as he actively talks with the chat and isnt too big to glance over your questions)
Snutz (plays so many classes its hard to catch him on rogue, but hes insane at it)

also if possible record yourself and watch it when you can. it makes it really easy to find mistakes you are making so you can try and improve on them next queue session


If your damage is that low I can almost guarantee you’re trying to do too much technical play. Just run at something all game and mash your keys.

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Arena forums are actually pretty helpful to those who ask for help.


Have you tried just humping your keyboard? This is roughly skillcap of mut rogues.


Watching pikaboo streams which he does just about daily helped me out a lot in understanding my role in fights and he also has the add on that shows what buttons he pressing. Just watch those and you will get better.


Can confirm. My brother is playing a rogue and just came back to the game after a very long break. He watches Pikaboo’s stream and a lot of his YouTube highlights and it has made him a much better player.


So I’ll start with the first question.

What is your opener?? Also listen to Thell, he’s very helpful and very skilled. Probably one of the best rogue posters around here.


You probably don’t have pzns on brother.


make sure you’re not spamming mut. one of the biggest thing newer assas players do wrong is spam mut. also check your damage breakdown after games to make sure your damage rotation is good. it should almost always he bleeds followed by envenom then mut, however envenom could be top in scenarios where you single target all game


Hey everyone,

I appreciate all the advice and I’m sure you were all wanting an update. I’ve watched top streamers and I actually started paying more attention to the gladius diminishing returns on my stuns. I was queuing the last two days with healers and hovering back and forth around 1450-1500. I was pretty bummed. I had gotten a whisper from an old healer friend of mine, who is over 2k in two’s, and we jumped on discord and played. I went from 1400s to 1800 in a 1.5 hr session today. He didn’t drop below 2k, so I didn’t tank his rating. My main strats were if it’s a disc or resto druid, or resto shaman, to switch off their dps and gib healers. Otherwise, dps were more of a favorable target if we could pin the healer down with cc. The strats were pretty successful. It was the same strat I was running in lfg, but it’s harder to coordinate kills with people who have less experience and using no voice.

Off topic a bit, I feel that LFG is a really hard way to get into arenas, or starting fresh on a new toon. It can be the make or break for a lot of people and I’m sure it is the main reason why a lot of people quit arena’s, because of the hard time of typing to learn what all the classes do and how to play with others. It’s a really high skilled game. If I didn’t have my bud message me, I feel like I wouldn’t be able to tell you all the success story of moving up.

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Hey man, I’m gonna bite and ask a couple questions. So at the start, this seemed like a “how do I do more damage” thread. That could come from a lack of knowledge about the damage rotation or a lack of pvp nuance concerning the class, as obviously in pvp the rotation of some classes needs modified.

You just now basically said you’re having better success due to improved synergy and playing with someone closer to your xp but did you actually improve your damage? What did you do differently? Also, and I don’t mean this disrespectfully, but it comes off strange that one of your epiphanies is that you pay more attention to gladius drs on the stuns. As a 2300xp player that seems rather…baseline doesn’t it? I mean regardless what other spec you play, everyone has to watch drs for one reason or another. Just seemed odd to me is all.

Someone else mentioned it but pika does have that Addon that shows his button presses. That would be an excellent way to learn, especially considering he’s arguably the best rogue in the world.

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i think there are a lot of reasons that this could have happened

  1. he could have finally started to understand the assassin damage rotation and that helped
  2. he most likely doesnt play a class that plays a lot like rogue, such as feral, so even though he is used to looking at the DRs, it is most likely overwhelmed with the new class and may not be actively looking for stun, fear, and incap DRs (since rogues have all DRs)
    Ex: playing a dk at 2300. not jabbing at dk, but the stuff you manage isnt normally DRs. You only have a stun every 45s besides pet stun which is normally just used as a pseudo interrupt anyway
  3. His XP is from another expac
  4. His friend was making it a lot easier for him to focus on what he was doing wrong rather than both people. For example if I played with gekz and floormat, my mistakes would become much more apparent than when I was playing with people of my same experience. Also remember his friend was most likely giving him new strats as he suggested as well as possibly telling him when to swap targets, blind, etc. You know all the basic kinda stuff

listing these reasons respectfully, and not trying to say (type) them in a rude way. Its good to point this out for him though so he can retroactively think about what he has done differently and take note of it so he can improve and have fun! :slight_smile:

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Just dr your stuns until something dies.