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Will PvP vendors make a return in Shadowlands?


Do I have to buy this expac to continue playing Classic?

No. Classic is tied to a sub, not to an expansion.

Could we potentially see half elf customization added to humans with this new expanded core race customization?

If each covenant offers two different abilities, how will the developers handle balancing between them if they’re supposed to be a permanent choice?

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As a casual player who enjoys visiting all zones and leveling at a slow pace, will I be able to do this or am I going to be pushed into max level. Also, if leveling is going to be zipped forward what about working on achievements and such.

Here’s my question, how’s your day going?

Are you still planing to introduce new allied races in Shadowlands?

there still lots of races waiting their turn to be playable Like ogres and taunkas


I think I missed my opportunity to post a question! =-O oh well.

just in case, Will we see the return of the Arch Lich Kel’Thuzad?

Could we see an increase to the account wide character cap of 50 finally with the addition of these new character customizations?

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Any plans to make other legendaries transmoggable, besides glaives? Shadowmourne (not shadows edge), thor’idal, etc…?


Will flying be locked for over half of expansion again (bad)? Or we will be able to unlock it immediately at max level (good)?

Being grounded for a month is fine, being grounded for an year isn’t fine.

I really hope pathfinder is scrapped (it’s really bad and can’t be considered as compromise) and we will be able to unlock flying right away!

Hello! My name is Kane Hart.

My question is about the new leveling System. When you pick a old expansion to level from 10-50 will you be still overwhelmed by all the other expansion quests in capital cities, etc? Or will you be able to only see the quests, etc for that expansion only?

Just an added question to that. If I’m someone who likes doing the old expansion content like questing, etc. Will there be a way at 60 to enjoy doing that content without graying out the quest content.

Example: Right now I’m playing as much of each expansion and then locking XP and moving on. It be nice to have a max character and enjoy doing the content without it bring grey / one shot if I choose.

With unpruning, now that we have more different tuning of abilities between pvp and pve could we please get back no cd on dispell for pve? The 8 sec cd on dispell made sense for pvp, but was annoying for pve from the moment it was implemented.

With moving back to class vs spec identity, legion artifacts: could we please get class restrictions on mogging they vs spec. Ie hunters: bm being able to mog artifact bow/ mm able to mog artifact gun.

Any plans on adding additional customization to the stock UI? Yes there’s addons out there that do this, but ability to display more than 3 buffs on the stock raid frames, ability to choose raid frames growth direction would be awesome. Some of us prefer the stock UI, but feel forced to use addons in order to play certain classes; resto druids as an example…

Are there any plans to make changes to the reputation requirements for current allied races with Shadowlands? I miss the good ole’ days of being able to play the new race as soon as it’s released.

Will there be new allied races in Shadowlands, and will the reputation requirements remain the same for both previous, and future reputations?


How will old raids and world bosses scale with the new level cap? Will they all be level 50 which will make them difficult to farm for transmog/mount hunters?

Is there any intent to change Mythic+ to be more casual-friendly, instead of an esports raider io grind?

Will we eventually see non-bipedal races, such as Naga, Centaur, Dryad/Keeper of the Grove, etc., as new, future Core Races, or Allied Races? I would like to see the Naz’dorei concept, for Playable Naga, as a Neutral Race, and their Elf form would be Night Elf (if chosen Alliance) or Blood Elf (if chosen Horde).