[A]<Simpathy> 8/8 H is recruiting!

Raid Times/Days: W/Th 8-11 PM ET
Current Progression: SOFO AOTC | VOTI AOTC

Warcraft Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guild/us/stormrage/simpathy

Similar experience in VOTI is preferred but you do not need to have AOTC to join.

Immediate need for ranged DPS (balance druid preferred) & a healer (resto druid or preservation evoker preferred)

Several raiders have stopped showing up after AOTC and we would prefer to have a more active vibe amongst the guild. We run lots of M+ and having more players to bolster that effort would be the dream. If you can flex roles that is even better!

Feel free to reach out on discord to chat: zaehl#0758

bump. Still looking for some solid ranged DPS!