Ashran Epic Battleground Testing – Play With The Blues

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We’re coming together to test the Ashran epic battleground experience in the Rise of Azshara PTR, and would love for you to join us!

On Friday, May 31, beginning at 10:00 a.m. PDT (1:00 p.m. Eastern), we’ll be queueing up for Ashran. Get your PTR character(s) ready at level 120 on the Broxigar server, and then at 10:00 a.m.:

  • Open Group Finder (default hotkey: i)
  • Select the Player vs. Player tab
  • Select Quick Match
  • In the dropdown, choose “Specific Battlegrounds”
  • Select “Ashran” and then hit the Join Battle button

Thank you very much, and we look forward to fighting in Draenor with you!

80 MB Update for this game now
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if holinka isn’t there, this is a waste of everyones time

Rise of Azshara PTR Development Notes – May 29


Blizzard: We’re bringing back trashran!


It’s impressive that for some things, like battlegrounds, it’s easier for them to bring back something from the past rather than make something new.

But for gearing systems, they don’t bother going with what worked for years, and instead reinvent the wheel to a cataclysmic failure such as Azerite pieces.

What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander!


No one wants Ashran back. It’s hot garbage and was a waist of dev time and money.

You should be focusing on pvp balance instead, but that would require actual work.

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i want ashran back

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I also want ashran back

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I also want Ashran back


This makes me sad…I’ll be working :<

I want Ashran back also, btw :slight_smile:


Ashran was great, excited to see it come back as a BG.


I’ll be at work unfortunately. Hope the test goes well.
Also any word on if/when we’ll be getting classic/endless Ashran?


I actually loved Ashran. In WoD but especially in Legion. It was a common thing I’d do on Friday & Saturday nights when I was bored and wanted endless honor + honorable kills & fun. I’m only a little disappointed it’s not endless anymore.

Epic BG’s are possibly the greatest addition to the game recently. Keep it up, blues.


You think you do, but y… owait.

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Alliance have been in the queue since 10am and no pop yet


Can anyone confirm if you can get rep with Wrynn’s Vanguard or Vol’jin’s Spear from doing Ashran?

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Yes - rep was being awarded in abundance after slaying various creatures in the match.

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I had a lot of fun in the match. It plays much better without the events; a real tug-of-war map. Players looking for just a battleground where you kill people will be very happy. Some initial feedback coming directly out of the match:


  • The new(?) voice acting is great. Really good directive.
  • Rep seems to be given at the times I’d expect
  • Ancient Artifact: I wonder if there should be a trade-off for the massive power boost? Should the holder also take increased damage?
  • Win conditions weren’t immediately clear: I assumed it would be on defeating the enemy general however game states reinforcements are also a possibility. Is there a way to restore reinforcements? The game ended when the Alliance hit 0 reinforcements, but were also granted victory for doing so (assuming this part was a bug). I also wonder if 300 is too few (even though the game went on for a while - I imagine there won’t be as many healers on live!)
  • I like that we can complete Nemesis quests again!
  • I enjoyed the length of the battle (though I can see others complaining; that’s too bad imo)
  • I enjoyed that all the original items and buffs were present.


  • Fangraal and Kronus seem too easy to resummon. It felt like every time the Alliance slayed Kronus, he was up again immediately.
    — The other turn ins are not obvious (though admittedly without the events, the mage and warlock portals are useless). For the battleground version, could they do something different? Didn’t see anyone try to summon the riders, but imagine they too would be largely ignored if they continue to patrol the entire zone rather than just the Road of Glory.
    — Is it possible to make it so that each time an elemental is summoned, the cost to summon them again is increased by 50%?
    — Both elementals felt lackluster; Fangraal more so than Kronus. With Kronus you get raid warnings that state he is casting his AE ability. Fangraal just seems to melee since his abilities were removed. Even if it’s just a dangerous Starfall or Moonfire, it should look like they are doing something.
    — Fangraal had way less health than Kronus. I know this was fixed in the game, but listing here. It also felt that neither of them had scaling active.
  • There should be an incentive to slay the tower mages or they need to be more annoying to encourage players to kill them. They were ignored in our game and didn’t really do much. Rylae gave me mage food though.
  • Captains didn’t seem to contribute much in terms of damage, pushing or tanking. These should be buffed.
  • The NPCs in the bases didn’t seem to contribute much to the defense - their damage was negligible and the ones that didn’t leash went down pretty quick.

Overall a fun game. If the matches on live are anything like the PTR we’re in for a good time though I question how many games will end with the generals dying versus people running out of reinforcements.

Ashran PTR

[re-post from other thread]

My thoughts:

  1. Consumes (song flowers/ tubers/ etc.) and Toys (wands/prisons/road toys) should be a part of the game as this made the BG interesting and was a great part of Ashran. It was key to stagger prisons in team fights and not blow all the toys at the start. These items added another element to team fights found in no other BG and I personally loved them.

  2. Events where great and it is very sad these are possibly being removed. Previously had a mission for 4 events and 1 kill of the faction boss. These events forced team fights in different locations, each had its own strat to win (positioning /methods/etc.).

  3. I personally don’t like a timer or kill limit on Ashran. Why remove the mission mechanic for hks or events+Boss? Best part about ashran was the 8+ hour long instances. Previously there was a HK mission that would reset and was repeat able. Allowing those who wanted to leave to do so when they completed one mission and others to stay and complete it over and over. I have made many btag friends from Ashran . We would spend hours on Friday/Saturday in Ashran and you would see the same faces and actually became friends with these people/guilds (years later I am still in the avengers discord). I knew when ever i saw people from certain realms it was going to be a good fight. Please DO NOT MAKE ASHRAN A “streamlined and “TM vs SS” style push/pull zergfest!”

Ashran was one of my favorite parts of wow. 40v40, mass pvp, toys, and victory only earned through coordination / team work.

Please DEVS do not release a bastardized version. Give us our Ashran back.

[edit] My best attempt to compromise : If you have to add win conditions for the epic BG que, why not the 4 events and 1 boss kill (allowing for infinate HKs).


I think we actually will get the classic/endless version back at some point. I’d love it if they could confirm it for sure, but they probably are not able to at this point.

If you played patch 8.1.5 PTR you would have noticed “two” versions of Ashran. One the Epic BG version and the other labeled as “Classic Ashran”, presumably the Legion style version.

Im guessing the classic version was not listed on the 8.2 PTR as the main focus of the testing is the shortened BG version and having both versions on this PTR would confuse testers.

Based on that, I think its possible they may still give us both versions, which would be fantastic. A simple/faster BG version for the general population, and then a classic version for the traditional Ashran enthusiasts.

Of course i’d feel much better about this theory if they could tell us :slight_smile: