‼ <Asgaard> [HORDE] 'Pagle' - Multiple raid teams, Social Events, & Organized PVP {wow classic forums}

Me and few of my friends are really interested in joining this guild, waiting on server


Server deliberations are taking place, official decision on the 11th.

Don’t wait, teams are filling up, particularly the Morning and Night raids!

Interviews are happening now :slight_smile:

Help us pick our new server!

Top floor, please.

Plenty of room! Server is looking like it’s going to be pagle

Been having a blast on the test realm - really glad they extended it.

Recruiters are standing by to take your call now!

Recruiters aval to answer questions.

Bumping this post!

To the top again!

Good night folks :slight_smile:

Sleep well.

1 O’clock and All’s a well!!!

Looking for more people for our raids and community.

Would love to see more morning raiders :slight_smile:

Good morning folks! :slight_smile:

I’m interested in joining the guild if there’s room for a resto/enh shaman.

Lots of interesting server choice discussion going on in the guild discord chat.

Back to the top with you!

Oh hi Mark

Recruiters are available to interview you now!

Please click the link to our Discord to apply :slight_smile: