[A][Seeking an AoTC / RP type guild.]

Hello, as the title above states, I’m seeking a Guild that does both PvE and RP.

[RP] While I have never RP’d in WoW, I am not new to RP as I have done so in other games such as FFXIV and Wild Star. I main a NE Druid but honestly the guild I join does not have to be a NE exclusive type of Guild. ((I also play Void Elf Mage/Warlock/Hunter)) I prefer Combat style RP, adventures, dungies, etc etc. I like to focus more on content and story vice being lore heavy. (Not that there is nothing wrong with Lore, it just restricts people is all.) I’m not one that is big on slice of life, sure it happens and I’m ok with that, it’s just I can only take so much, I like to move and interact with the world… so bars and sitting around talking about ourselves is not on the top of my to do list. ((OH! And no ERP stuff… >.>))

[PvE] On the PvE side, I’m just looking for an AoTC type Guild. Something casual, maybe 2 nights a week for a few hours a night. I currently main a Boomkin and intend to continue playing the spec into Shadowlands… though I have mained a Mage and Warlock in the past and enjoy both classes. My experience in WoW when it comes to raiding was always hardcore Mythic Raiding, but about a year ago I stopped playing due to real life (Navy stuff). The last time I was raiding in WoW I was 8/9M for BoD, with Jaina being cleared two weeks after I left. Now coming back to the game I am not seeking that type of experience anymore… Heroic is just fine with me.

I hope that was not to much of a read, if there is anything else you would like to know please feel free to ask or hit me up on Discord ((Nyx Xai #4082))

I would suggest talking with Edict or First Light

… I gave up on this expansion PVE wise. Others will come hopefully to provide more names. Those are the only two that are coming to mind. Best of luck.

Thank you for the suggestion!

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