<Ascension> 8/8m 2day 6hr LFM!

(Quazi) #1

11/11M Antorus CE 8/8M Uldir CE guild formed during T20 with a goal to progress mythic raiding and earn cutting edge every tier. All core spots are performance based and exceptional players are encouraged to give us a shout regardless of class or below listed needs.

We are currently recruiting in preparation for the next tier, looking for players interested in progression raiding. Current desires:


Ranged, any with pref for:

Raids are Tues/Weds 9p-12 server time (EST) and we use Discord for voice. PST Quazi#1125 or Padinn#1305 for more details.


Bizzity bump

(Aarroonn) #3

For the homeys

(Quazi) #4

ne ranged avail


Still looking for ranged, please don’t hesitate to message Quazi or Pad.

(Quazi) #6

mythrax down, needs updated


Still lookin for locks/exceptional players

(Quazi) #8

ne ghuunys out there


Need dem locks


working on g’huun, need another good lock

(Quazi) #11

boompa loompa

(Aarroonn) #12

Not a bump


always on top

(Aarroonn) #14

Gogo CE gl!

(Quazi) #15

needs updated!


Are ya’ll in need of an exceptional elemental shaman?

(Quazi) #17

sent ya a friend request


need more pplz for CEs!

(Quazi) #19

still looking for a few for dazar!