*Ascendants* Tues/Thurs Raid Horde Guild is Recruiting for BWL Progession

Looking for a new home for progression? Maybe a change of scenery? Guild fall apart at bwl?

Lucky for you Ascendants, a competitive guild with experience through AQ and Naxx, is recruiting! We’re PvP friendly and are looking for more raiders of all classes to join our dedicated raid team Tues/Thurs 7pm Server Time. We clear MC <90min when not doing trash, have ony on farm, but unfortunately had to go into BWL heavily short-manned.

We’re a tight knit group of serious raiders and pvpers, but we still like to joke around and have fun. We’re also mostly adults while we pick on each other all the time, we also respect each other and are capable of taking constructive criticism to up each other’s game.

Feel free to reach out to Honiebadger, Sukii,or Killewa in game for more info and have a great day.