[A][Sargeras]<LNR>10/10H Latenight raiding guild lf dps and healers for mythic prog

Guild & Server: [A] Sargeras
Raid Times/Days: 12-3am tues-thurs
Current Progression: 10/10H SoD 10/10H CN
Recruitment Contacts: Bnet:iperrymarkz#1141
Requirements: looking to push into mythic so looking for players atleast 235ish ilvl and atleast 9/10H

Just be chill have fun, and know how to get stuff done. Don’t bring any toxicity to the group
Needs: Boomy, Warr(dps) DK(dps) mage but would consider any non hunter dps. And also have an opening for 1 healer pref priest or pally

And since HoF will be finished any minute now a server transfer isn’t required