As predicted what would happen after ret nerfs

They nerfed, as they should have been, but you still have the old circle jerk group complaining about their utility asking for even further nerfs lol, funny enough they all play mage/rogue/locks.

Wow players are exhausting, playing other PvP games gave me a better perspective, WoW is far gone as a PvP game, just a youtube/stream farm simulator and a coping mechanism for people holding onto nostalgia.

I feel sorry for new players who have to put up with conservative wow players gatekeeping with their bad takes.


idk why mages would be whinging… we are the best counter to the Ret infestation at the present lol…

Ret shouldn’t have a passive dispel built into their judgment. It’s toxic and has 0 counter play to it.


1 minute sac is stupid and judge dispel is toxic


Class went from such a ridiculous level of power that it couldn’t be measured to… still above S++ tier?

Like… talk about “bad takes” - no beginner class should be so overwhelmingly powerful that it quite literally breaks the game.


Remi I need your guidance.

I am very near to quitting enhance.

There is only so much I can do to prevent Rets from killing my teammates in RSS.

I don’t really find myself getting killed by rets as I just turn into a coward every time I see wings/reckoning show up.

I also feel like enhance just doesn’t do enough burst damage aside from thorims/ascendance procs

I got my first 2400 of all time on it just a week or so b4 rets were reborn. Should I let him rest and play something else?

You forgot to include hunters/priests/warriors/dh’s/dk’s/shaman/evokers/monks

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Hasn’t been an issue for 7 years though?

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you and the person that liked this post are both complete morons

it was added to the game like 2 seasons ago and the cooldown on judge was twice as long

i’m so sick of dogwater 2k rets commenting with their feelings


Well it wasnt a thing previously!
Even when rets had a dispell, it functioned differently.
Judgements of the pure is pretty unique in that its an aoe dispell on a targeted player that can remove multiple ccs, and entirely invalidate destro, ele, sp, and boomy classes that are reliant on having their dots up.

It was added in s2 of slands im pretty sure, and it wasnt as broken then, because judge was a much shorter cd and ret paladin could die.

The spec was balanced around limited mobility and survivability, so it has insane burst/sustained and great utility. It was THE glass cannon class with cool utility, but could be punished for using things incorrectly.

Now that its a tank, that utility and damage becomes broken.

The fact of the matter is that sanc, sac, and judge dispell could be removed tomorrow and you would still see a ret in 75%+ of games just on its numeric strength and 1 minute wall/sov/wings.


Wouldnt be as much of a problem in my opinion if 90% of the dispel protections in this game werent pathetic, even the one they just gave boomie is worthless. Only dispell protection that actually scares anyone is unstable affliction

“you can almost kill someone, and make them unable to heal themselves, or you can do no damage and make them jump in place for a half a second”

I feel bad for people who have time to max level in classic, but also FoTM reroll in retail.

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Just played a few games 3s (2kmmr)

  • Ret/War/RSham in EVERY game.
  • Ret always top tier dmg.

You have to consider that Ret changed a lot and people still learning and they will get better.
Rets being on 60-70% winrate, on a rework they still need to learn, shows that its still op.
In a perfect balanced game they would be on <50% winrate right now and after they got used to it on 50% winrate.

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You may be right but people didn’t complain about it until everyone’s running it because the other talents have been nerfed to the ground and made useless. Also ret kinda sorta needs it since you have one dispellable freedom and you can never move otherwise. I could see why it would be annoying but it’s medium necessary in some situations. :man_shrugging:

Bro this is not true.

I played some games on my ret paladin last night and Qd double ret (im sorry to everyone I Qd into).
I still have blues and am missing gems/enchants and have suboptimal gear and we went 14-2 and not ONCE did i ever have any trouble getting to a target.

Youve said “one dispellable freedom” and mobility a couple dozen times like its a thing people can afford to do.
Ignoring the fact that healers and teammates put up several buffs themselves, a majority of pally damage is range now, and you can pretty much ALWAYS connect to some target and send damage. And EVERYTHING is a kill target with a ret paladin, it actually doesnt matter the class.

I had ret paladins run me down on moonkin with me shifting slows and they were able to catch me and do 75% of my hp in 1-2 globals throughout an entire game. I watched the same thing happen to shifter and that guy was like 2800 mmr. It was so frequent to the point that he booted his dh to play with a ret.

Think about that. Ret and boomy have about as little synergy together as two classes can, and he then went 12-0 beating cdew and vanguards just by swapping a dh for a ret paladin.


The nerfs weren’t enough to damage alone. 1 minute cd Wings is nutso. Divine Shield has always been nutso and shouldn’t be balanced around Priests and Warriors.

Rets are still climbing to ratings they don’t deserve.


You are lying about the state of your gear and it’s kind of odd.

Your pally is Sornik and it’s fully geared. Yes, looking at your games you went 14-4. You’re a multi glad on ret. You’re also a 3.2k+ player in druid.

Trying dunk on average people and act like you’ve just pick up ref at your skill level is very weird.

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wdym? Im missing enchants, have a few blue pieces, and dont have sockets/gems? What I meant by that is I could be easily doing 10% more damage with correct itemization and optimization.

Most of the players I were Qing into were also multiglad players. Prob not same xp, but the point is that it is not hard to connect to a target in a meaningful way as ret paladin.

Ret paladin IS easier and stronger than it has ever been, which is insane considering it was S tier all of shadowlands. The complaint of “oh, now freedom is purgeable” just doesn’t hold water as it gives more than enough time to connect your damage.

I’ve never really played ret until this week in arena. That said, I was playing at 2k mmr last night with a lock and hpala and it was the easiest 3s session I’ve ever had since Legion. I will say that at that mmr people, especially rets, are so predictable in their openers that they’re easily countered. Dunno what it’s like at your level but 2k mmr feels more like 1.2k.

Joke, no one is playing rogue/mage now and they have nothing to complain. These two classes are on the ground right now.

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