As a warrior, honorable and true, I must make a stand

For many years now, Blizzard has inflicted a significant cruelty on warriors of the Protection spec. Since Legion, this atrocity has not gone unnoticed, but it has been begrudgingly accepted by the masses. As warriors, we must make our stand and say “no more”. For any other class, classes who hide behind magic and duplicity, it would be okay to allow this to continue, but not us. We are warriors, honorable and true.

Since BFA, charge has not given protection warriors enough rage to immediately use shield block mid-charge. “Why is this an issue, you damn crybaby?” you might be asking. To that, I say this. Shield block gives you a 30% increase to the damage of shield slam. In Legion, this was not the case. We could charge in, use shield block, and immediately use shield slam afterwards, exacting the full benefit from the 30% damage buff of shield block.

Now, though, the Blizzard developers sit atop their thrones of gold and lies and laugh down at us as we are required to do an un-buffed shield slam, or thunder clap in order to use shield block in the first place. Meaning that there is this ugly, uncomfortable pause before we can experience the blissful delight of bashing the soul out of an enemy with a 30% buffed shield slam.

You may think that I am being melodramatic, or a “crybaby who is making too big of a deal out of something small”, and perhaps you are correct. But I ask you this, my mighty comrades. If the depraved minds at Blizzard Entertainment will go so far as to reduce the rage generated by charge to JUST enough to fall short of the rage requirement of shield block, where does it end? Do you truly think they will stop at this? No. They will take more. What will the depraved minds at Blizzard Entertainment conjure next to torture us? It matters not. We will endure, for we are warriors, but here we must take a stand.


lugging a shield around must’ve made you a crybaby since you’re making too big of a deal out of something so small

Dude you know warrior our cds are insane good I can pull an entire heroic dungeon + I legit arm warrior tanking top dps and tanking 20 packs :rofl::rofl::rofl: experiment with some build you will see how broken we are

Oh wow you can pull a whole heroic. I can do that as fury -_-


Screenshot your built let see how I do as fury … arm have better defensive to do crazy stuff

You missed the point of the whole comment.

You’re dps tanking trivial content. Any plate DPS can do this when they out gear content.


Tbh I misread his post. When he said arm warrior tanking I just assumed he meant am warrior tanking and not arms warrior tanking. But still, if torghast has taught me anything, its that fury is far better defensively until you get longer duration or reduced cd parry. Neither of which you have in a heroic

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