As a specialised BM hunter… im locked out from end game contrnt

Anything higher than 15 key and mythic raiding will see BM hunters getting rejected over and over again.


  • 15% global Dmg buff
  • Beast Cleave will make your next kill command hit everyone in radius for 80% normal damage
  • 4 piece set bonus rework

Do you ever get tired of the constant complaining you do?


It’s not complaining because I suggested improvements

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Whats really the point of doing over 15 anyways the gear doesn’t get better and neither does the vault reward


Is for Keystone Hero …

I wonder what the RIO scores are for good bm hunters are. Wish there was a way to check whether they are viable or not.

Wow. You mean your spec is totally viable for literally the highest relevant content in the game?

You might miss out on portals to dungeons. Oh no.


You continually post how you’re locked out, left out, etc. Ever think the issue isn’t whatever new hot topic you troll about? Geebus these drama filled threads are getting old. lol

Maybe do some reading before you get mad.


Most people don’t need to worry about being top 1% m+ scores and if you don’t play in a dedicated group that runs keys you should honestly just forget it

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I have a feeling Rage knows exactly what the problem is but angrily typing is easier than working on the real issue.


I mean it IS literally his toon’s name.


I dunno man theres BM hunters in the world first races so, whats your issue. BM at 4 set with double leggo is going to pump for ST. We lacked a bit in aoe but there really isnt much aoe we need to focus on in raids, and theres other classes that do it better, so we focus out st pump.
Your always going on about how they can’t keep up but theres zero issue with any class or spec being viable, your not locked out of any content by anything other than your own abilities.

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it’s ragemode, they post bait complain threads daily for getting rejected in groups.

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lol theres also heaps of hunters pushing 20+ keys.

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There are quite a few Beast Hunters that to 15+. Guessing you may want to start making your own groups and gather a group to run with.

Then again, could be you of you complain a lot in group chat.

What about playing the spec that is appropriate for the thing you are trying to do? There’s literally nothing in the game that pushes someone to be a role “specialist”. It is an arbitrary limitation you put on yourself. If someone says, Oh I don’t play with weapons, I specialize in “Look Ma, no hands!” combat, do we really need to customize the game around that? No one will invite me to groups because I play without shoulders equipped. No one will invite me to groups because I am playing no legendary challenge. No one will invite me to groups because I want to DPS in tank spec. No one will invite me to groups because I don’t sign up for groups. OK, how is this helpful to anyone?

i honestly want bm to stay in the trash explicitly so ragemode also conveniently has to be there at this point
but i doubt he actually plays a hunter

I mean doesn’t this kind of prove he wasn’t totally off base?

Not everyone is following the up to the minute news feed for WoW.

I think there must be some site where theres a leaderboard for trolly posts and maybe it’s championship week judging by the last few days here.

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