As a returning player, I think Blizz kinda ruined world PVP by making npc guards super weak

TLDR: I think the current pvp changes are actually pretty cool but they need to beef up the npc guards to make the system make sense or add some sort of negative buff/point system to dishonorable kills so that there is some risk to being dishonorable.

So I hadn’t played WoW in years and then I decided to give classic a try for fun and had a good time playing the old WoW I remembered for the most part. But then I was thinking I would like to see what retail was like and so I switched over to that and to be honest, I like it! Lots of fun things and good changes. However, I think some weird decisions were made when it comes to world pvp.

War mode seems cool but I think it actually made a lot more sense the old way where you could only initiate combat in an area controlled by your faction or a contested area. However, changing it to where anyone can attack from anywhere isn’t that bad except the idea gets ruined by one other thing.

Now, before I get to the other thing I will say I think also part of the issue might be the change in society over the last 10 years or so. I enjoy ganking people in a game as much as the next but I think the younger people don’t have a concept of honor. In old WoW you could kill someone much lower than you and whatever but it didn’t yield any honor points so really you were just being a dick. Which is fine, that’s pvp in the open world. And maybe you were a little too much of a dick if you did it repeatedly to the same person but that was the point of the honor vs honorless kills. There was no good reason for you to do that aside from just being a jerk.

However, in a town area you usually couldn’t just get away with it. Yeah it was possible but it wasn’t easy really. You could kill that guy but then the guards would swarm you and you would also die so choices had to be made if you wanted to be dishonorable.

Now, that aspect seems to be gone. Idk what they did to the npc guards but they seem weak af and like they pose absolutely no threat to a random ganker.

So if you see me out questing and you run up and kill me when I stand no chance, I get it. But now what is happening is I’m like walking around a guarded town area and trying to grab quests and getting ganked repeatedly over and over.

I can turn off war mode but I actually like the idea of pvp and getting the benefits out in the open world. It’s when I’m picking up a quest surrounded by guards that it becomes ridiculous.

And even in orgrimar there was a single guy going around killing anyone he could with 0 threat from the guards.

The npc guards have been so neutered that it ruins the system. Even if the average gamer now does not care about honor vs dishonor and just wants to gank everyone they see there should at least be a point to the npc guards existing such that it creates a reason for the ganker to wait outside of town or something.


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this applies to all npcs in the world
wow content has 2 difficulties
grandma mode and sweaty gamer mode

i see your problem. yes. they ruined pvp servers. it was not the way it supposed to be. it broke the TOS rules. most people hate that. things need to change. they nerfed our gaming play.

That’s what I do sometimes to this day. It’s sad that I can spend all night in Org as an Alliance player and nobody really cares. Even if I kill lowbies to try and draw out the mains…it doesn’t work LOL.

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Part of the issues with guards, and this has been a problem almost throughout WoW’s life, is your standard guards that get buffed up with each expansion stay at expansion launch strength. This was much less of an issue in earlier iterations than they are now just due to gear creep.

Currently, your standard city guard has 169,379 health and hits like wet noodle.

At expansion launch a full set of conquest gear got you about 370-400k health once you’re bumpped up to your PvP il. A good crit hardly ever broke 100k on equally geared players, so a little less than 25% of someones health after all the verse math happens.

Currently in season 3 we’re all pushing 900,000 hp on non tank characters, and could go up as much as a little over 1,000,000. A good non-crit hit could do 100k, good crits can do 300k+, some quick combos are doing 400, 500+ just decimating guards (and players).

Even if guards hit like slightly harder wet noodles at the beginning and were dangerous in swarms, they’re still wet noodles. We have 3x the health pool to get through, if they even survive getting to you.

They adjust WG, IoC, and AV health and damage all the time throughout an expansion to help keep up with gear creep, yet they have never done that to city guards or a lot of World content in general making what you describe, a single person in the middle of Org or SW, able to just kill and attack anyone and everyone without worry or that added challenge. While I don’t want guards to be fully able to take down a player without player assistance, they should be threatening, or at least disruptive, during a fight or when you’re in a enemy city.

Real unique thing could make guards stronger as you kill more - either giving players a debuff that cause them to take increased damage from guards over time with each hit or providing an ability that they cast/use or inspiring other guards to do more damage as guards around them die. Gives short term fights relatively equal footing but dissuades players from overstaying your welcome

Oh no they don’t, haha.

They just need to script the guards to have the stats of the final gear content and be done with it. Doing scaling makes the developer’s job on this subject too consuming as well as too much work.

In the Emerald Dream hunters use pets and traps on people in the Sancuary area, killing players without triggering the guards, and if you attack the hunter hitting you the guards kill you, and if an ally resurrects you, the guards kill your friend and the horde players initiating combat think it is hilarious. Reported a bunch of greifers lately. Don’t know if the bug allowing them to do it got patched. Warlock main pet may also be bugged that way.

I’ve participated in a few raids of Horde major citys. Showing up with 50 plus pvp players to attack the largest enemy faction hub is a super rare but longstanding world of WARcraft tradition. Being that the two factions are usually at war with one another, it might seem odd to a new player, especially at low level, but the whole server group knows it is happening quickly and can organize a response, stay dead, or move outside the city to not participate. 1 guy or a small group camping the same enemy for laughs outside of pvp quests that tell us to collect sparks in that area is widly known as garbage behavior.

Unfortunately they might not do anything there. It even states in their support section that they don’t get involved in matters of pvp griefing.

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That was great for me when I was hunting bots I suppose. And I personally already know better than to go afk in a supposed sanctuary. Still annoying.