As a paid subscriber, why am I not allowed to use the LFG tool?

To be fair, it is wise to have an Authenticator anyway, besides, a sweet little incentive to get 4 extra bag slots.

If you play a Vulpera that’s a whopping 12 free bagslots for basically no effort.

But I cannot stress how much it bears repeating.

PLEASE get an Authenticator, it’s more of a matter of being safe than sorry.


I’m pretty sure you can run an android emulator and set one up on your PC.
Would take a bit of work but completely free.

Otherwise you can still use the LFG feature, just no custom names groups.


it’s to limit spam and illegal activities.

So I just checked it out for the heck of it and it took me less than 5 minutes to install and run Bluestacks(android emulator) sign into my google account and download the authenticator app. I already have one linked to my bnet so I stopped at the login to my bnet account step.

100% free and painless.
You’d still need to set up SMS protect though, not sure if the flip phone will work with that.
Also, the authenticator process has a “remember me” option when you login to your PC so you rarely need to reauthenticate unless you have a laptop and travel a lot.


I like how I use a physical authenticator, that I keep in a wooden box at my desk, but that apparently isn’t secure enough. :roll_eyes:


Without the SMS people could potentially steal your email and get customer support to unlink the authenticator. Email passwords are compromised all the time, especially if you reuse passwords or download a keylogger. With SMS they would need your phone as well.


You play a modern game. There are lots of cheaters in this modern game. To fight these cheats, it has to introduce a modern security called authenticator.

If you dont want authenticator, then dont play a modern game. Maybe play an old school pacman to match your flip phone. No security needed.


You are. Next question.

Oh, you mean that you can’t make a group title.

Get an authenticator. You can get it as an app, and if you have Windows 11, I believe that has support for Android apps (or it will in the future, haven’t upgraded myself yet).

Not sure about other carriers, but Verizon has a payment plan for smart phones. You pay “X” per month, depending on the phone, and it’s part of your bill until you pay for the phone.

Honestly, anyone that says “I have a cell phone but I can’t afford a smart phone” is either uninformed as to their options or is just lying to push a false narrative.

Which one are you? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ooof, I got a good chuckle out of this :laughing:

Maybe what you wrote sounds a bit harsh for the OP, but it’s also true - just gotta get with the times/stay up-to-date with technology

I subscribe to a magazine, but no one reads it to me.

Subscription price for people without authenticator should be $250/month


I understand your argument.
Just get the keychain fob and keep it attached to something at your desk. Keep it with important computer stuff/electronics when you move homes.
I think you also get 4 bag slots in your main bag when you get the authenticator.
I think if you do this, you’ll be creating a happier experience despite (overall) dev decisions.

because bots can be “paid subscribers” and spam LFG too.

Gee, I thought the LFG tool ruined the game and the community and cause climate change and classic was superior because it was pure and community.


Download an android emulator on your PC and install the authenticator there. Would take less time than it took to make your post.

There are options. The majority of people don’t seem to have an issue figuring it out…


Just download Bluestacks and use the Authenticator APP through the emulator.

you are allowed to, you just choose not to.

Doesn’t work. You have to have a valid non pre-paid cell phone number.


This response reminds me of “What, don’t you guys have phones?”


This is news to me, I use a pre-paid cell service and my authenticator works just fine :man_shrugging: