As a buyer on the AH

Really? Because undercutting has always been a percentage with my add-ons.

I buy the cheapest item


Yup really.

And the people in this thread and the others out there who always just buy the cheapest is why some people sit on their pc all day just cancelling and reposting auctions constantly.


you dont use addons?

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The introduction of tokens (as any way to buy in-game currency) killed it for me. I used to craft in another MMO I played and crafters really did make good money when they stuck to it. Once RMT became a thing, people bought currency, power leveled their crafting and sold the things they made at a loss, ruining the market. It happens here too.

Man, that’s crappy. It doesn’t even make sense to undercut by one penny. /shrug

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It can be changed. I set mine to undercut by 1g because I hate that 1c business but the default is the 1c.


I buy the first one I see, Don’t care about the price.
When I sell on AH I undercut by 40-50%
I don’t care about the money or economy


I don’t really consider a 1 copper undercut a garbage tactic. Though some of the more garbage tactics are finding items to market control. Like buying all the items of a fair selling item and buying everything below a certain price and reposting it at higher prices. Then there is sniping which is posting a really lowball single stack of something trying to catch undercuts from people using auctionator or an auto posting add on.

Those are pretty cheap tactics imo.


I watch for these and buy the snipe. Then I list my goods at a higher price.


A copper saved is a copper earned

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I play on one of the deadest servers in the game, so markets are all sort of wonky. People try all kinds of crazy stuff with mats. I used to make a fair bit of gold just selling trillium and ghost iron from a few laps around the valley per day. Now there is some sort of weird market flux going on where one day the prices are 9 gold and the next week the prices are 21 gold.

AH players gon play.

I buy the lower. There is no way to tell which poster is the first undercutter. So enjoy your virtual righteousness - it’s just as likely to be misdirected as not.


Oh that’s legit and helps to counter the oblivious TSM use. That’s the risk you take letting an addon do your pricing. If you can’t even take the time out to review before you hit post, then you get what you deserve.

When I spot one of these, I usually buy out the sniper’s stack - it’s a good deal in the first place haha.

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I for one don’t let my TSM set prices that are below 80% of my pricing string.

You’re keeping the market stable by only undercutting my 1c. Everyone loves to sell things like Midnight Salmon at a great price until someone shows up and throws 200 salmon up on the AH 30g less than the next cheapest seller. That is how you RUIN an economy. Undercutting by 1c is what keeps the economy healthier.

To the people buying off the guy selling 1c more expensive; your principle thought is extremely obtuse and ignorant. But yes, keep throwing down the people trying to keep their economy rich and prosperous. Just don’t come running to us when you try to sell all the herbs you just farmed at 3g per herb.


As a buyer I want to buy things at a reasonable price.

If some yahoo with TSM wants to undercut everyone else all day long and then when they drive those people out of the market price things 10 times higher, I am not going to get that by supporting the person who undercuts by 1c.


I always used to sell my stuff 50 gold less then what other people used to sell

A response like this is the response of someone who doesn’t sell on the AH. If you aren’t going to support the person undercutting by 1c then your choices are the following:

  1. Buy the item at a higher price for the principle of not buying from someone undercutting by 1c to keep the market for that item stable and lucrative.

  2. Don’t buy the item at all.


I look at the lowest price and buy that one. I can’t be bothered to pay attention to see if they underbid someone else by 1c.

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