As a buyer on the AH

I don’t need any gold.


I always purchase the lowest priced item. I don’t see the point in paying more for something.

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This would not work due to rarity of drops. In fact it would have a negative effect for rare drop items. So for your example, the more wow tokens sell the faster the price ramps up. But these ultra rare items that aren’t up ont he AH most times can be super valuable because they are rare. But because they are rarely up for sale/selling. Your system would value them cheap as dirt.

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Sort by “Lowest to Highest” price

Buy whatever’s at the top. I don’t care how much cheaper it is.

I’ll always sort by unit price and buy cheapest unit price, even if I need 1 and the stack is 200. It will be used later or resell

In this hypothetical situations I’d do the same. That said if there are enough of them listed I don’t want to scroll through pages and will just get whatever I need as quickly as possible.


Obvious bait post, we all know Blues don’t play the game!



As a buyer on the AH, I’m going to sort items to their lowest buyout and pick the cheapest one. I don’t even look at what each item is being undercut by if I’m being perfectly honest. :woman_shrugging:

Wow. This escalated over the course of the morning.

I don’t take the AH super seriously, but I DO have thoughts when I’m buying things or selling things.

I’m an herb/alch, and I think some of the prices for certain things are utterly absurd. I know the value, the difficulty of finding/farming, and the cost to the alchemist of making the pots I put up. When I see someone charging over 1k per potion and I know that’s a ridiculous price because I can farm the mats for over 50 of them in literally 10 minutes…I don’t feel a single bit of grief for the server economy when I bring down the inflation by posting the same pots at half that price. That’s not undercutting. That’s resetting the market. On purpose.

As to the thoughts I posted higher in the thread…that’s what they are. They’re thoughts. They are the way I behave and look at things, both as a seller and a buyer on the AH. I am part of the economy, just like every other player on the realm. The economy works the way we make it work.


I understand your logic when doing this, but the problem in reverse is that anyone with a mind will snatch every last one of the pots you sold and just repost them at market value.


That doesn’t seem to happen, though. They don’t sell in bulk, typically.

What I see happen (smaller realm) is they get purchased apart from each other and the price goes down over the day, but stays roughly within 10-15% of what I put up there.

On larger realms with more dedicated full-time gold farmers, I’m sure you’re absolutely right.

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Not in my experience. I see a Sky Golem up for 100k, I put mine up for 80k; then peeps underbid it by 1c; I drop to 70k; then 60k; then 55k - and there are plenty now posting in the 50s.

Bottom line, if I only dropped by 1c, then sky golems would remain very expensive when they shouldn’t be. Why shouldn’t they be? Because obviously people are willing to sell them in the 50s instead of the 100s, they just needed the incentive to do so.

Undercut by a lot until items sell, that’s how it should be.


Im a capitalist so I always buy the cheapest product.

Luckily people rather try to screw each other over by undercutting instead of working together to fix the market.

As a buyer and former seller.

I buy lowest price 20- 200 stack and used to undercut enough to make a profit. If it was selling for 500 gold for a stack of 20 I sell 400- 450 depending on the listings

I will not buy a stack of 1 under any sercumstances

Literally horrible ideas, literally.

Buy mine. If the average is 100gold I am going to charge 75.

If you want to cry about it , YOU buy it and relist it for 100.
If 5 more go up for 75gold , buy those and relist them at 100 as well .

If you are any kind of Auction House player, this should be common sense. I am not an auction house “player” I want in and out fast and that should be to YOUR benefit.


Always the cheapest available. Idc about lazy undercutting.


Well, first, i’ll check to see if they are online and pst them, otherwise, my lengthy convos are through the mailing system. Convos like, what are they like IRL, their political views, where their morals are at, priorities, etc.

lol, hell no, I just buy the cheapest.


If I’m buying in mass quantities, I start at the top and work my way down until I get as much as I want or need of whatever item I’m buying. That means cheapest first. I don’t care if it’s 1c or 1g I don’t even really pay attention to how much the undercuts are when buying. I just look at the % of the market value, and if I decide it’s a good price I’ll buy it.

I mean yes, if you have no understanding of markets or economics that might make sense but if you are trying to maximize income/profits then it makes absolutely no sense in any way.

In most cases what you are seeing are people intentionally undercutting your prices until you drop it to a low enough point where they will buy you out and then relist at the actual market value. I’ve done this thousands of times over the last decade and have never lost gold doing it.