As a buyer on the AH

So, they don’t sell in enough volume to influence the price overall anyway, so I have no idea why you care so much.

And there really are no rules regarding selling transmog or pets. I have no idea what point you are trying to make but if you think what you said about pets makes any sense go have a look at the difference prices for the same pet on various servers.

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Cool, so then we change it to “Goods Exchange” and done!

There is a market for your server. And a regional market value. Once you start selling and making more gold in the big leagues you will realize how to properly sell transmog/pets. Lowering your price after something shows up in your mailbox is never a good idea when selling a pet or piece of transmog gear.


You are sort of amusing. You know nothing about me, yet you think I need your ‘lessons’.

If you’re not using a mod to manage the AH then you are losing out. Undercutting by 1c is the default behaviour of most AH mods out there so I don’t understand why people have any issue with it, people just want their item listed first.

If I’m selling and I want my item to sell immediately I’ll undercut the market by 20-50%, if I am just dumping bulk items on the AH i use default and 1c undercut.

I mean at anyone time I can have 4-5k auctions listed so at some point my items sell and I’ll never have any idea that you didn’t buy my item and someone else did. At the end of the day I still get gold no matter what.

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I never buy from the listing that undercuts by a copper, never. Another one is I won’t buy from an idiotic named toon either… don’t care the difference in gold price at all, I have enough…


This guy is going places, folks. But he’ll need some gold from you guys to get there if anyone can help.

I sell all my items 40-50% cheaper.
I don’t mind selling cheaper when it takes no effort to loot something and usually I wasn’t even going after so called item it just rng in my loot


You’re a true Shopper.

A copper saved is a copper you didn’t even care about. But the illusion of a Bargain Sale must be maintained.


One of the biggest gold making “schemes” I’ve used is arbitrage in the pet market between servers. Since pets are account wide this makes it incredibly easy to flip pets from server to server then use the gold made on big ticket items to transfer a guild bank full of mats/gold to resell on your main server.

This thought process is why TSM Sniper is such a fantastic low effort way to make gold.


yes, I know. I compete with a guy who is nearing the one billion gold mark, I know most of the tricks.

I buy the one that’s at the top when I organize it by price. I don’t care how much less it is… it is less. Why pay more when you can pay less?


I don’t need any gold.


I always purchase the lowest priced item. I don’t see the point in paying more for something.

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This would not work due to rarity of drops. In fact it would have a negative effect for rare drop items. So for your example, the more wow tokens sell the faster the price ramps up. But these ultra rare items that aren’t up ont he AH most times can be super valuable because they are rare. But because they are rarely up for sale/selling. Your system would value them cheap as dirt.

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Sort by “Lowest to Highest” price

Buy whatever’s at the top. I don’t care how much cheaper it is.

I’ll always sort by unit price and buy cheapest unit price, even if I need 1 and the stack is 200. It will be used later or resell

In this hypothetical situations I’d do the same. That said if there are enough of them listed I don’t want to scroll through pages and will just get whatever I need as quickly as possible.


Obvious bait post, we all know Blues don’t play the game!