As a buyer on the AH

Whenever I see someone who has posted more than a casual farming quantity of something, I buy from someone else. I don’t support bots.

Whenever I see someone posting a huge list of items (cloth, ore, cheap consumable) 1 at a time when that is not a quantity that makes sense, I buy from someone else because that behavior is what drove up the deposits, and it’s annoying as all get out to have to click 50 auctions instead of one auction for 50 qty.

Whenever I see the one-penny undercut (which they did by hand and on purpose), I roll my eyes and buy from someone else.

I routinely look for people with even prices (which indicates a set price for something they farm every day) that are near the 100% of market value range. Obviously, if someone posts something at a ridiculously low price (24%, for example), I’ll scoop it up and consider myself lucky, but some of the garbage tactics you see on the AH are just ridiculous.

It’s like online shopping IRL. I take a minute and look at it and assess. I farm herbs for anchor weed and for gold. I sell flasks and such. So…I know what it’s like, and I try not to feed the trolls on the AH. That said, undercutting is reality, so I don’t have a “problem” with it. I just don’t buy from obnoxious people who abuse it or think they’re tricking people.


Idc whose selling it bot or not Idc if they undercut by one copper, I buy whatever is the cheapest like a normal person who just wants the product


Filters by price.
Buys the cheapest instant price.
Moves on and doesn’t concern himself if you got undercut.


I agree with that. The sorting by lowest buyout helped somewhat, but it’s still a problem.

I agree if everyone posts much less than the previous one can ruin the market. For me it’s more of the general principal - IRL, there are people that actually go to one department store over another because the item sells for 10 cents less. It just boggles my mind.

Usually just buy lowest because that is what I sort by. However, if I need mass quantity then I will pay a little more per stack than individual. Do not use TSM (personally do not agree with it) so old school clicking auctions, buying that 200 stack over 200 1 stacks probably saves me a few minutes :joy:

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I often will buy the 10th in the list if the difference is small as I don’t want to support the undercutting.

However I do realize that most people are just using an addon like TSM which does this automatically. They aren’t saying “1 copper less”, the addon is doing it for them.

As a seller, when I’m facing this, I’ll usually lower the price by 25% and keep doing it until the undercutting stops. I believe that is exactly how the market is supposed to work - to drive to the actual value.


That one penny undercut is usually due to someone using TSM, not by doing it by hand. That is the default you get using that addon.


Really? Because undercutting has always been a percentage with my add-ons.

I buy the cheapest item


Yup really.

And the people in this thread and the others out there who always just buy the cheapest is why some people sit on their pc all day just cancelling and reposting auctions constantly.


you dont use addons?

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The introduction of tokens (as any way to buy in-game currency) killed it for me. I used to craft in another MMO I played and crafters really did make good money when they stuck to it. Once RMT became a thing, people bought currency, power leveled their crafting and sold the things they made at a loss, ruining the market. It happens here too.

Man, that’s crappy. It doesn’t even make sense to undercut by one penny. /shrug

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It can be changed. I set mine to undercut by 1g because I hate that 1c business but the default is the 1c.


I buy the first one I see, Don’t care about the price.
When I sell on AH I undercut by 40-50%
I don’t care about the money or economy


I don’t really consider a 1 copper undercut a garbage tactic. Though some of the more garbage tactics are finding items to market control. Like buying all the items of a fair selling item and buying everything below a certain price and reposting it at higher prices. Then there is sniping which is posting a really lowball single stack of something trying to catch undercuts from people using auctionator or an auto posting add on.

Those are pretty cheap tactics imo.


I watch for these and buy the snipe. Then I list my goods at a higher price.


A copper saved is a copper earned

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I play on one of the deadest servers in the game, so markets are all sort of wonky. People try all kinds of crazy stuff with mats. I used to make a fair bit of gold just selling trillium and ghost iron from a few laps around the valley per day. Now there is some sort of weird market flux going on where one day the prices are 9 gold and the next week the prices are 21 gold.

AH players gon play.

I buy the lower. There is no way to tell which poster is the first undercutter. So enjoy your virtual righteousness - it’s just as likely to be misdirected as not.