Arugal 159min queue at 4pm

Can we consider layering now?

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Apparently, yes; yes we can…

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So we get punished again for blizzards failures… lol

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Just move over to felstriker, they need the pop.

Layering was a solution to a problem that blizzard caused themselves by not learning from their mistakes. Just a clusterfrack.

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Are you claiming that you have done better? Or are you just insulting Blizzard to be nasty? Blizzard never claimed they were perfect. But you seem to be…

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No, but they have produced some of the best games of all time (at least some of my all time favorites!)

I’d be happy to move servers.
If it was free.

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Lol… the fact you think this is about me, or any individuals who are making the same comments, is laughable. Go pick a fight somewhere else boomer.

For clarity:

  • No, I didnt claim to do better.
  • Pointing out flaws in decision making, from unlearned lessons, is insulting? Ok champ.
  • Unsure why you feel the need to defend Blizzard on this issue, is it that you just enjoy the argueing or?

Don’t bother replying, I really don’t care what you think.

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My server has never had a queue.

They might not reply, but i will.
I’m guessing by failures you’re talking about not producing enough servers? - If this is what you mean, i think they have provided us with enough servers.
The problem right now comes down to a) Corona and b) Multiboxers who are running 5+ accounts at once.

If this isn’t what you’re talking about then i don’t know… What mistakes are you referring to?

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This has all stemmed from the big initial decision blizzard made. Not enough servers announced before launch.

Their decision to trickle servers open didnt allow people to plan where they wanted to play on, crowding one server at a time until it was full.

They also decided to not lock server transfers to servers that were full. Further compounding the problem. There’s no excuse for this.

They don’t give a crap about bots in the open world, the multibox bots that are farming in dungeons, the people who have 8-10 accounts for farming black lotus, etc… Taking up spots on the server for actual players. They clearly see this as revenue generating and only care about the numbers.

Corporate greed at it’s finest, minimize cost and maximize profit. They just really dont give a frack about this game anymore.

work 9-5
get home at 5.30 and log on for my 8pm raid
queue is already 5 hours

guess i can’t even raid log

I can and do agree with mostly everything you have said, however just a few months ago everything was fine, no queues. (even with the multiboxers and bots)
Corona hit. Thats nothing Blizzard can control.

Sure lets say there were the exact number of servers we have right now, at launch. It would be the same difference…

The only solution i can think of OTHER than layering is to limit IP’s to 3 accounts, but that may only reduce the queues by like what? MAX 10%?
If they released more servers, after Corona has passed youd end up with some pretty quiet servers.

So yes, i will agree with you on the mistakes that you pointed out, although i don’t think those mistakes have much to do with the problem or are at such a low percentage of the cases contributing.

Corona is a temporary problem.
Layering is a temporary fix.

We would certainly not have the same issues if they had more servers for people to spread across from on day one.

In the oceanic region, they gave us 1x PVP server, and 1x PVE server…

Of course the carona situation is contributing to the number of people logging on to play, but its not the ONLY thing causing this problem.

If they fixed the other issues, we would have much more tolerable queue times here.

Incorrect. Prior to pandemic showed they may have opened a couple too many servers as population was dwindling. You cannot predict a pandemic and the months between initial launch hype and the stay at home orders would have meant even more dead servers had they opened more.

Server populations dwindling was largely due to the queues people had to endure the first time around, or the imbalance of servers, or the toxic pvp ganking that happened in phase 2. Most of these are repercussions from blizzard decissions. The community pleaded with answers to these problems, yet the ‘louder voices’ prevailed with their ‘no changes’ because they felt they couldnt trust blizzard in the first place.

I’m not saying you can predict pandemics… my initial point was the decisions made that led us to this point. The pandemic just exacerbated things (albiet by a lot.)


Blizzard added servers on a per needed basis at the start with layering included which turned out to be the right decision, albeit they may have released a couple too many.

Imbalance of servers was a player created problem as majority went horde on PvP for obvious reasons. Blizzard cannot force you to pick a specific faction.

Phase 2 lasted a month and was months ago. The months following BGs showed that the dwindling population was not the result of any of these things. You had open world pvp potential, you had MC, you had BWL, Dire Maul released early yet the population was still dwindling.

If not for the pandemic this game would still be dwindling in interest, pretty much because one of the bad decisions blizz did make was give us the easiest version of the game. The endgame has no depth, the game is too easy.

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tried to log on at 5pm, 4 hour queue, still waiting…still better than layering destroying the community.

How does temporarily layering servers with high population “destroy” the community?

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