Artisan Flying (280%) Removed in Shadowlands

I’m curious to know if current characters at Artisan (280%) flying will be bumped down to Expert (150%) or bumped up to Master (310%) in Shadowlands. Artisan currently costs 5000g and Master costs another 5000g, so with the exception of my main, all of my max level toons already paid 5000g for Artisan flying with no intention of coughing up another 5000g for Master flying. Hoping we get bumped up. :pray:


It’s most likely gonna be bumped up to 310%, 150% is too much of a drop for what you already paid for.


I still insist there never would’ve been a “problem with flying” were it not so fast. I’d complain about all the gold I spent on fast-fast but 5k is like 2 days of gathering these days.


TBH, I think flight should be slowed a little. With the pathfinder bonus, it’s just so speedy. And it’s fun…but if slowing it down a bit means we’ll get it as a part of gameplay rather than once the content is completed, sounds great to me.

That said, looking at the chart, the fastest speed isn’t being affected… and pathfinder is still gonna be a thing. So meh.

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WhAt AbOuT a ReFuNd If We BoUgHt ArTiSaN aNd MaStEr FlYiNg


:joy: I totally know what you’re referring to and snorted a little thinking about the salt.


I’m sure most know this but it should be mentioned if you are exalted with SW/Org the price is reduced from 5k to 4k for each.

Also farming 4k is super easy these days, you can easily pay for flying for your alts for a little time of farming on your main.

It’s something I almost never get on my alts. I’ll miss it on my main, but not enough to fuss over it.

310% will be the new epic flying, there for they will be bumped up to 310%

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Yeah! Do you know how much I’ve spent on Artisan flying this patch?!?! It was like 100k! Give us refunds! (Obviously just kidding, the heirloom people are crazy)

big difference than completely destroying the functionality of pieces of gear that have been over the last 12 years have needed massive amounts of gold to pay for the upgrading than 1 off flying


Literally, less than three legacy raids from CATA will net this amount. Basically, anything that grants a s-ton of loot on a boss kill. Also, don’t leave out trash. Even vendoring it all nets a good amount.

You can do nighthold normal/heroic and make 4k gold

I’m old school, and still believe flying took away too much from the game.

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I’ll never understand this. Every alt i make gets 4 max slot bags, 15k gold, and a set of enchant scrolls for their heirlooms. The moment they can i max out their riding skills.

Really not, you got the use out of it enough to justify it’s cost, then when everybody gets it for free you shouldn’t be upset. It’s actually the exact same argument.

It’s not about how “easy” the gold is to make. It’s an issue of “we’re removing a step, and we decide to push you down.”

It’s about being penalized, not how easy it is to recover from the penalty.

I’m hoping, to avoid a PR issue that they’ll simply bump people up who bought the removed level.


Except everyone DIDN’T get it for free. That would be entirely different.

If Heirlooms were still in game as before and they simply made them free, then we paid for the early access to it and that’s fine. But no, Heirlooms, something we paid for, are being taken away. That’s entirely different.


Honestly i always thought it was kinda dumb to have such a huge gap, 150-290, then only 310? At least it should be 350.

The XP boost from them is being passively applied to the game. That is exactly what is happening. And the kicker to this, is everybody who has heirlooms is still benefiting from them after patch.