[A/RP][US-Moon Guard] <Court of Lions> 12 year Social Roleplay Guild recruiting!

The Court of Lions is a 12 Year Old, Active & Established Social Roleplay guild originally from Alliance side of Earthen Ring with casual PvE, we’re new to Moon Guard but have BIG plans.

GM: Barbro, Co-GM: Gaylic, Miadarrah, Quillson
Officers: Alistair, Dione, Divaangel, Faeblessed, Foxter, Johnwickk, Joseana, Neon, Silvynn, Thora, Venusdemilo, Voidesteria, Voka

Guild Website:
TheCourtofLions. enjin. com

Founded by Kelsus in 2009, The Court of Lions has been through a few changes throughout the years, beginning as The Conjurers Court, The Alliance Protectorate, and most recently The Royal Lions Brigade.

Our mission has never changed:
Outreach and supporting new roleplayers, to bring active and public roleplay to the RP community. We strive to be a place of inclusion and the idea that you can roleplay at any level and wherever place. Our community is proud to be the home for brand new roleplayers and veteran roleplayers alike. We’re currently and always looking for additional members for our family and community. We are beginner friendly!

Join us for recurring RP events, In Character guild meetings, community events, guild Lore & Storylines, holiday parties, anniversary galas, giveaways, mount raffles, guild website contests, mount & transmog runs, Littles Vanilla Dungeon groups, old raid achieves, plus casual end-game with a chill group that just likes to have fun.

We regularly run Dungeons, Mythics, and lower Keystones with plans to step back into Normal Raiding soon!

TL;DR: We’re a pretty wholesome group of people, friendly and helpful and we like to do things together. Events and casual PvE and gathering contests etc!

To join: Whisper any officer or member online or send in-game mail to GM Barbro. Or /who Barb, as I have several Barb-alts. We look forward to roleplaying & seeing you in-game!

Just an update to let people know we are still here, still active, and still recruiting!

Last night was our monthly In Character guild meeting, our first one since the transfer! We had a great turnout of members in attendance with just a few officers as so many people are sick right now in real life. Our meetings always follow a similar schedule beginning with a general breakdown of how the month has been going for us, then going over events announcements, any Roleplay storyline information gets announced, then we open the floor to general announcements from any of our members.

I think everyone’s favorite part comes at the end, after everybody has had a chance to speak and announce anything they feel is important, we move along to promotions. We had a good handful of brand new people still on probation, and they became full members last night. We also had 2 promotions from our group of members present.

Some guild meetings when there are plenty of new people, I like us to renew our In Character Oath to the Court of Lions guild. We promise to protect the Grand Alliance and her people, uphold the secrets of The Lions, do our best to ensure peace and balance in Azeroth, and lastly to consider our fellow Lions as Brothers and Sisters.

Bumping to let people know we are still here, still recruiting, and still active.

Find any of our members in game if you’d like an invite, or you can send mail or whisper Barbro directly in game.

It’s Tuesday which is reset day, and also guild PVE night. It has varied what we do for PvE, during the beginning of the expansion we were raiding every Tuesday evening. We’ve had more and more people ask about raiding again, so that could be a thing sooner instead of later. Depending on the group we’ve run anything from Lowbie dungeons runs, normal/Heroic/Mythic/+ dungeons or even old content if that’s what people want to do.

I’ve had a lot of people ask about our most active hours, which are generally between 3 PM and 10 PM in game, as people are getting off of work or school then. But as I’ve said before, most of us are adults with jobs and kids so we all just like to login and have a chill time.

Tomorrow we’re trying out a new Tavern Night at The Blue Recluse in Stormwind’s Mage district, and we are actively trying to have at least -something- to do every night when people log in.

We look forward to playing and RPing with you in game!

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Just a quick update from the Court of Lions

Tonight we attend a tavern night in Stormwind at The Blue Recluse tavern in Mage District. Tomorrow we’ll run old raids for mount chances. But before that…

Our AMAZING RACE is back! Every 1st Saturday of the month we’ll race across various zones by Ground Mount or by Foot ONLY. This month we’ll race from the Horde’s Silvermoon City to the Modr Bridge in the Wetlands.
Since it’s February our theme is Love is in the Air/Valentines Day. Our “bonus” objectives are to wear Pink, White, or Red, to hug a Horde on the way, and /kiss a Competitor.

First one there wins 10,000g and 2 level 25 themed pets!
Everyone goes home with prizes!

Our AMAZING RACE was a hit this month! Our winner was Verenus in first place winning 10,000 gold and 2 level 25 themed pets. Everyone went home a winner!

Tonight we’re offering our Beginners RP class, aimed at the absolute beginner to RP, but we welcome ALL guildies regardless of their RP experience. We typically cover such things as when to use parenthesis to show you’re speaking Out of Character, definitions of Godmodding and Metagaming and why we don’t do those, plus some basic rules and helpful tips.

Tomorrow we’re hosting a Coffee Night at the Legerdemain Lounge in Dalaran. A nice evening to simply sit around and enjoy some good company with a cup of coffee (or tea!).

Saturday evening we’ll be running some Littles dungeons, grouping up on our lowbie alts and running some Vanilla (or whichever expac) dungeons together as a guildie group. We alternate between Littles dungeons and Old Raids.

In other news we are also seeking a couple 2-3 new officers to join our ranks of Advisors. We’re specifically looking for evening or later night peeps to be online.

Always something going on with the Court of Lions!

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Just a bump to let everyone know we are of course still here and still recruiting! We’re always looking for Roleplayers to join our ranks, from the complete beginner to the game and/or RP to those that have been RPing longer than most of us have been alive. We have a great mix of people with tons of experience between us all.

Patch day is the 22nd, this coming Tuesday! We’re expecting/hoping to see a few of our Guildies return who have taken some time off. This is the last patch of this expansion. OMG Yay!

In other news, we’ll be having our In Character recruitment event tonight. We form up on the Cathedral steps in Stormwind City and represent our guild and recruit from the general populace. DO feel free to stop by and say hi, and if you’re interested in joining our ranks absolutely feel free.

This weekend we’ll be having an AMAZING HUNT, we’re trying out a World-wide Hide and Seek event this Saturday starting at 6:30 PM. Always in Realm Time CST.

Sunday we’re having a Lovely Outing, starting with a romantic walk with your sweetheart and then followed by a romantic picnic in the Jade Forest in Pandaria.

Just a bump to let people know we are still active on Moon Guard and we’re still (and always) recruiting!

Last night we had our March AMAZING RACE where we raced by ground mount only from the Dun Modr bridge in Wetlands to the docks in Booty Bay! First one there won 10,000 Gold, a level 25 Hyacinth Macaw battle pet, and a level 25 themed battle pet!

The winner this month is Voltir!

Just a bump to remind everyone that we are still and always recruiting new members to join our ranks! We’re a casual Social RP guild, with everyone from complete beginners to the game and/or RP, right along with the experienced veterans. As mentioned earlier we are mostly adults with jobs and kids so we all just like to login and have a chill time. And there is no room here for jerks/trolls/drama llamas.

We are very chill and casual, run some light PvE, a few dungeons, some transmog and achieve and mount runs, plenty of Social RP events, tavern nights, grand galas and anniversaries, plus we celebrate all the holidays, and have regular giveaways for events and contests! We are also very much Real Life > WoW, from the newest member right up to me the GM. Real Life first, no matter what is going on in game.

If you’re interested in joining our growing guild, find me in game or send me a mail, or sign up through the in-game guildfinder tool for an invite.