Arms or Fury for 9.2

Hey guys. Trying to decide if I should play arms or fury for 9.2. I play both pretty evenly now. Arms comes a bit more natural since I main a Ret/prot Pally. My warrior is my main alt and I wondering what you thought would be in a better place. I don’t mind playing either. I only do mythics. Thanks!

It’s a main alt. So there is no wrong answer. Play the spec/cov you enjoy the most.

I know it’s a cliché answer, but it’s an alt /shrug.

Mains are for try hard, min/max, “this game is trash”, “WTF Blizz fix or delete SEF already” “LETS GO!! 99 Parse!!!” and raid logging!

Alts are for casual fun and and enjoying the game. They are reason you stick around instead of playing FF14, New World, Guild Wars 2.

So play what makes you feel good. If someone gives you crap, Say “Thank you, You’re absolutely right, I’ll cancel my Subscription immediately.” Then continue to have fun enjoying something you like.


Both imo. Whatever is more fun. More than likely it’ll be arms for raiding/progression and fury for M+ for me. I’m currently NF but that will probably change to Kyrian in 9.2 with the double leggos. A lot of times in raid I’ll switch to fury for trash pulls and go arms for boss fights.


Why not both?

This requires more context. I highly doubt fury will be PvP competitive. The story is almost always the same, PvP = arms, PvE dps = fury and tanking well prot is good sometimes and sometimes not.

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Arms because I enjoy the fantasy of 2 handed weapon heavy smashes. If you like the fantasy of a more fast swinging dual wielder then do fury. Whatever appeals to you more in terms of flavor.

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If you’re looking for the most competitive raiding build, it’s a little too early to say but it’s probably gonna be Kyrian Arms with Enduring Blow / Elysian Might, the Arms tier set is cracked. Always dark horse Venthyr Fury with Deathmaker / Sinful Surge tho. In Mythic+, it depends on the key level. Arms tends to do better in keys below +20 because they operate on a 45 second window:

Colossus Smash - 45 sec
Spear of Bastion - 40 sec (With Mikanikos)
Avatar - 90 sec (45 x 2)
Bladestorm - 90 sec (45 x 2)
Overwhelming Power Crystal - 90 sec (45 x2)

Whereas Fury operates on a 1 minute timer, but does more damage during that window:

Recklessness - >60 sec with Anger Management
Bladestorm - 60 sec
Spear of Bastion - 60 sec
PvP Trinket - 60 sec

Because trash mobs tend not to live long enough for there to be a full minute between pulls, Arms > Fury in lower keys for optimal DPS or what have you. But the difference really isn’t that large. “Absolutely broken, Nerf Now BLIZZARD WHAT WERE YOU THINKING” in WoW terms is like 15-20% better than the competition, so play both or play what you find to be more fun. If you don’t want to play Kyrian, Arms is more natural with Night Fae (Ancient Aftershock is a 90 sec cooldown), Fury can use Necrolord Banner a little better (2 min cooldown), and both are equally good at Venthyr but don’t use the conduit for Condemn because it’s bugged. Hope that helps!

Kyrian and Necrolord Fury are looking like the go-to next patch for that, with Kyrian being personal DPS, and Necrolord being group DPS. Currently, it remains to be seen which will be better.

Arms post-nerf is looking to be pretty close to it, but we don’t know how all of this will shake out in the end. In all likelihood we could see more tuning to come.

Personally, I’m looking at Necrolord Fury possibilities.

Can’t agree with you more.

As it stands right now, Necrolord Fury seems to be where it’s at with the use of 2 legendaries. Necrolord was always underrated because the legendary was underwhelming for personal gain compared to the other legendaries, but with the addition of the tier set bonuses and a 2nd legendary it’ll be incredible.

Thanks for all your help! I appreciate you all. Going to do arms! I appreciate tou!

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I like my Fury just because Arms is absolutely boring and way too slow for me.

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