Arms opening rotation?


How should I go about the opener for Arms?

OP = Overpower
CS = Colossus Smash/Warbreaker
MS = Mortal Strike
BS = Bladestorm
SP = Skullsplitter

Charge -> OP -> CS -> MS -> BS?

Charge -> CS -> SP -> OP -> MS -> Slam?

I find that if I use the first rotation, I will tend to overcap on rage, which isn’t a very good thing, but yet if I hold off on BS in order to spend more rage, I greatly risk exiting the CS window before I can use BS fully. Would greatly appreciate pointers for this, thanks :slight_smile:

edit: additionally, if I get a OP reset before MS comes off cooldown, should I OP again to get 2 stacks, or hold it to use MS first before OP again? I have the Striking the Anvil trait, if that’s relevant.

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I wouldn’t charge if you don’t have to. Losing mobility off the Rip is not a good idea. I run 2k + bracket and most players love a warrior charging in as you just dumped your charge. Try letting the fight come to you or rush them on mount. Also I don’t see hamstring in your rotation which should be on the opening to keep them close.

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I’m talking about PvE.

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Pretty safe to assume the OP was talking about PVE based on the content of his post.

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So now I come to you, with open arms…


Thanks for the help guys, and yes I’m talking about PvE, sorry that I didn’t make it clear lol.

Can anyone help for my 2nd question? With the Striking the Anvil trait, OP reduces the cd if MS by 1.5s. Is it more beneficial to stack 2x OP for MS in the case of a OP reset, or to hold it for after MS so I can immediately reduce MS cd by 1.5s?