Arms Changes

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honestly didn’t expect rend to be buffed


any other warrior talents on the radar?


While we appreciate the damage buff, could blizzard look at other issue that mentioned in this thread?

  1. Give us back the 30% rage execute refund, as current 20% refund only give us 8 rage, and a swing of auto attack is 25 rage, which means total only 33, short of 7 rage for the full 40 rage execute damage. After 6 execute + 6 swing, we already loss 42 rage, enough for us to use a full 40 rage execute. Unless RNG favour us to give 30% bonus rage if our auto swing crits, or had some free rage talent/trait triggerred (sudden death, crushing assault), we are not rage sustainable during execute phase, which is our niche role as executioner. Of course even better if the execute could refund 37.5% rage.

  2. the impending victory replace the shockwave talent really make me mind blowing on the second row of talent choice, why is it we need to chose between mobility, emergency self heal and a single target cc? it does not have any common theme between them at all. And loss of shockwave make us don’t had any reliable crowd control skill in raid and mythic+. Sure you could say we still had intimidate shout, but what the usage when we dispersed away all the mobs when the tank group all the mobs to let dps aoe down it.

  3. My other wet dream: cleave become baseline ability to improve our aoe damage, add new azerite trait that could buff our iconic mortal strike / execute ability’s damage.


There is literally no point. They’re going to continue to ignore the warrior community, because they know whats best apparently.


Nothing will change if nobody makes their feelings known. Just because you perceive that the devs don’t care, that doesn’t mean that they don’t care. I honestly believe that the WoW devs are looking to improve the game and it is just taking time, and that kind of negativity definitely doesn’t make their job any easier, nor does it allow any others to try to see the good that comes from positive change.

That said, it is important to keep your criticisms constructive and beneficial, it tends to lead to a better reception and outcome.


The tuning of the classes says that: the devs don’t care.

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as a huge fan of cleave, that DW buff gets me excited

however, the execute phase is still unnecessarily slowed down.


I’ve been Arms since vanilla. I love the spec. I do like the damage buff. But, we have no sustain and execute phase is boring. My personal favorite time to be arms was T20 it just felt good. Anyways, here is what I suggest. Make Imp Victory rush baseline Arms needs some kind of self healing. Replace it with Warbringer or something. Arms Mastery is boring we all hate it. We want big hits like in legion. Finally please undo the execute rage nerf and make executioners precision baseline. Execute phase is boring now. Because you basically hit 1 button the whole time.

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Can you expand on this one?

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rend is a fine talent and performs well.

“well” being as good as you can expect arms to do. it’ll probably still sim lower than x3 ToM and FoB if you can rock that trait setup but rend is perfectly viable.

you’d lose value for CA IIRC, just as FoB loses value for STA.

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YD, Protspecc, Xeos, Vil, among others. In BoD, there were some 20-odd Hall of Fame arms warriors, there’s currently four HoF arms warriors in CoS, there are arms warriors doing quite well in progress.


Raids: (I’m 9/9M, 2/2H)
To be perfectly frank, most, if not, all classes and specs are viable to achieve Cutting Edge. HOWEVER, in comparison to other classes/specs who are clearly performing better in terms of numbers tuning and raid design, they are highly desired over the lesser performing ones e.g arms/enhancement/survival. Hence, our slot is lost to those who play such classes/specs unless we reroll to shift according to the meta. These changes will obviously help to bridge the gap in terms of the numbers tuning which is great. Whether it is enough, it can only be seen in the next patch when we are able to see the interaction with azerite essences for ourselves as a whole. (my feelycraft is that we’re gonna be middle of the pack)

There is also a social convention in raiding guilds whereby leadership would question the players who play weaker specs and why do they not shift according to the meta? E.g playing fury over arms

Mythic + (I’m 3237 IO)
Unless fury and arms interact with Azerite essences in such an overpowered way that it pulls our DPS way ahead of other specs and classes in M+ dungeons, I highly doubt DPS warriors will have a seat in the competitive area in M+. As seen in the current M+ season 2, only 2 DPS warriors in the WORLD have managed to break the 3k barrier. This is inherently due to the predisposition of the M+ dungeons requiring a lot of skips and tool kits exclusively available to rogues and demon hunters.

Warriors do not bring OVERWHELMING DPS, we are middle of the pack. Our attack power buff is replaceable by a scroll. Our utility is easily replaced by almost any other melee class out there.

That being said however (Ion joke), what we need is to really expand on our utility toolkit to be able to compare to that of a monk/demon hunter/rogue.

With no changes being made to arms/fury’s utility, I highly doubt the viability of DPS warriors in Mythic+ Season 3 competitive scene as we will likely remain in the middle in terms of DPS whilst still lacking utility.

There have been many suggestions by warriors in the community on how to improve utility e.g interrupting shout (back from MoP), Leech buff during rallying cry, shockwave on baseline. Etc. I’ll leave it to the class developers to find a suitable fit.

TLDR: You can still get cutting edge with these numbers. No improvement to dungeon utility. Bad utility, average DPS. Still may not be viable in competitive Mythic +


Make Deep Wounds work like fire mage Mastery (Ignite). Fix the spec so it doesn’t feel clunky.


Unfortunately the interaction for all neck traits currently for warriors are very weak in comparison with their interactions for other classes and specs, further widening the gap between the two. Alongside that, with protection getting put through the ringer on PTR right now, it will almost certainly be phased out of the M+ meta as well, leading to warriors as a class having no place at all in high M+.

Saying all that, even just a huge increase in damage would potentially make warriors viable for keys. In legion an arms warrior was incredibly desirable due solely to their uncontested AoE burst and strong ST, but that was also with the added utility of shockwave, which is absent now, as well as the dungeon design of BFA being very different than that of legion. So even being an overpowered DPS may not alleviate that lack of desirability.

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Have you two not been seeing on ptr? Unbound Force+BotE, even post nerf, are putting out some very silly numbers for fury. Like, on 4 targets, sustaining 110-120k, compared to live where you can only sustain 100-110k on 9-10 targets.

I fully expect further nerfs to both essences, but as of right now, they’re doing some very good things.


Like the other classes.
Nothing changes.

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I mean, no. That’s kind of the point. It’s an incredibly strong combo for fury, especially with CsHb x2-x3 rapidly becoming the most widespread best-option.

If nothing changes, fury will be the #2 DPS in the next raid. So that’s objectively false, as things never don’t change between raids.

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any consideration of giving arms back some rage refund? maybe per OP stack, consumed by MS or execute.


Because you know next raid is a cleave feast?
And obviously you have opportunely forgotten the M+ from the equation or BfD.
Do you have read Artharox post. I strongly doubt.

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Alright, yeah, I’m done. I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.


And in any case the subject was M+.
but you derailed on Raid. Why?