Arms Changes

(Sigma) #1

A few changes that don’t appear to have made it into this PTR pull are:

  • Mortal Strike, Execute, Slam, and Rend damage increased 6%
  • Deep Wounds damage increased 12%

Pretty straightforward–the Deep Wounds buff is largest to boost the value of Mastery somewhat.

8.1.5.x/8.2/8.xx Marksman Discussion

I really wish Mastery would just be something different for Arms. I don’t play Arms for the dots. I want to hit things hard. But, I do appreciate the buffs.


It is an increase in damage of about 8%. Better than nothing. But I would have preferred something other than deep wounds.

(Charax) #4

Still not enough to make it competitive honestly

Deep wounds itself still needs to be fixed, traits are lackluster, and you keep pushing for rend buffs when no ones using it, execute needs a buff and its rage refund buff

(Kagh) #5

Now you guys just need to revert that Execute rage refund nerf. All the damage buffs in the world won’t change the fact that the spec feels starved and awful at a time when it should feel it’s best.

I appreciate the buffs, nonetheless.

(P.S. Please take Sweeping Strikes off of GCD. That feels awful too.)

It’s just too expensive, especially when the spec feels resource starved as it is.


Agree, that execute rage refund nerf was not needed. Please revert it and the spec will feel a lot better, especially with these other buffs.

(Charity) #7

Mastery has gotten to be a pretty weird stat over time. Remember when they introduced it in Cata? It was supposed to be this ‘sliding’ powerbar for classes that would let them boost a trailing spec by increasing the value of mastery alone. Now it is all over the map in terms of offering a “power” boost to differing specs.


Devs missed the point. Deep wounds scaling is terrible, spec lack utility, traits are meh, and it’s so clunky it hurts ffs.


To repeat what has been stated previously in this thread: Arms is in a very poor state at the moment, it feels rage starved, brings almost no utility to a group, be it raid or dungeon, and the overall damage of the spec is pretty poor. The spec honestly need a soft rework to be put back in a meaningful spot, and some of the previously removed aspects of the spec should be re-implemented.

Some things that would greatly improve the spec would be:

  • The addition of executioner’s precision as a baseline passive as it greatly empowers our execute phase and allows for additional depth to the gameplay of that phase.
  • A rollback of the execute rage refund nerf done at the end of Uldir
  • A reintroduction of shockwave to our talent choices to be more competitive in dungeons
  • A re-imagining of some of the entirely dead talent choices such as cleave, deadly calm, impending victory, and ravager to make them more competitive
  • A re-scaling of many arms azerite traits as most of them are out classed by generic traits that have no value or meaning to our rotation or class
  • A reintroduction of Soul of Slaughter as arms is the only spec in the game without any form of self healing outside of need to get a killing blow on a target

Now I am not saying that arms needs all of these by any means as that would massively overpower the spec, but even a few of these changes would greatly improve the spec and allow it to once again be a competitive and fun way to play the game.

All that said, the buff is greatly appreciated and I hope to see a bit more done going forward.

(Kagh) #10

Yes, please. :+1:


Why did you guys change Arms into a bleed spec in the first place? To distinguish it from Fury, perhaps?

I, as well as I’m sure many others, loved Arms for its big meaty hits and very satisfying execute phase. Pretty sure nobody asked to be turned into a discount feral in plate :confused:

(Curoar) #12

I’m confused why a lot of people feel rage starved with the spec. Between the free procs from Crushing Assault, Overpower, and Skullsplitter you shouldn’t have too many instances of large gaps of lacking in rage.

As other has have said, the buffs are appericated, though simply adding more buffs to Deep Wounds isn’t really where a lot of players would like to see these damage increases. Increasing the damage of Execute would go a long way at helping us fill or niche in Execute, as well as improving talent diversity with Sudden Death.

In addition this change to mastery doesn’t really give any agency or potential chance for mastery. If Deep Wounds lasted longer (Say 15 seconds like Protection Warriors) we would gain the benefit of additional talent diversity, as well as masterful play style rewarding multi-dotting.

(Kagh) #13

It’s mostly during execute phase.

As you said, execute is our niche, and that’s when I feel the spec is at it’s slowest. It doesn’t feel good to play at all.

Aye. :meat_on_bone::meat_on_bone::meat_on_bone:

(Drezwazluz) #14

Then how are people raiding so effectively with it in progress?

That’s incorrect. Three of the best arms warriors in the world have been using rend to great effect. Update your info.

This is not correct.

That would fix literally nothing.

Aside from Seismic wave, no.

Charge weave.

Execute is a lot of spec’s niche.

(Kagh) #15

You really need a new hobby.

Most everyone in this thread is your better. You should really learn your place instead of going around challenging people for no other reason than to try and stir up a reaction.

You’re not funny. You’re not clever.

(Drezwazluz) #16

Can you refute a single thing I said.

(Kagh) #17

I’m not playing your game.

(Drezwazluz) #18

So that’s a no.

So you don’t think I’m wrong. You can’t provide any reason for me to not speak other than you don’t like me or what I have to say.

Until I err, I will continue to take part. Get over it.


Ugh can our threads stop getting derailed, please, lets keep it at feedback for the devs

(Drezwazluz) #20

Ugh can your threads stop being filled with misinformation and incorrect statements so your feeback for the devs is accurate.