Arms 3v3 after pvp balance hotfix?


I haven’t played since mid season 1… just been keeping an eye on forums. How does arms feel today after the healer mana nerfs? and our small buff from a week ago.

I would think it would indirectly make us better with sharpen blade and healers running oom. any opinions?

(Yakz) #2

Haven’t really done much 3s, it’s difficult for me to do so now that my partners either stop playing or started to play with other people because better class/composition. So, take what I say as nothing more than an opinion from the view point of just looking at the changes and reading the forms, instead of actually testing it.

Mortal Strike and Sharpen Blade really only serves a purpose in ooming a healer faster, currently the HPs that healers and hybrids can do is pretty ridiculous. So, if anything this makes Mortal Strike and Sharpen Blade a bit more valuable in the long run.

However, with that being said, this doesn’t fix underlying issues with the class/spec in of itself. Really, the damage, survival, cc, and utility just isn’t really there in comparison to other classes and these changes do not address any of that.

Arms can pump out a lot of damage when cleaving 2-3 targets consistently which was normal when facing melee cleaves, but we’re currently in the caster meta and Arms just doesn’t bring out the damage necessary. Not only does Arms have some of the lowest single target DPS in the game, it is also an issue that certain classes have too many defensive, like Destro Locks having a talent that gives them passive armor as if they were wearing something close to plate, or they just have abilities they can cycle through. Furthermore, our mobility is decent, but doesn’t give us enough uptime to compensate for the lack of damage that we have.

Arms survival is pretty bad, we have one major CD that we rely on, and the rest of the time forced to do 20% less damage in order to take 20% less damage. It’s no secret that Arms tends to flop pretty hard in this current meta, especially with the damage that some casters are doing.

CC and Utility just really isn’t there. We have the bare minimum of CC at our disposal, which must be talented into for some reason. Our utility is pretty much also gated behind talents in which most of them aren’t even taken because there are just better options available that are more vital.

All in all, does this recent mana regeneration nerf in PvP help, sure, but it doesn’t specifically help Warriors anymore than any other DPS class.