Armory Update - Missing Characters - 404 Not Found

Since no one else seems to be talking about this, and I can’t find a notification, Is anyone else missing characters from the armory? My alt guild is a ghost town, looking like no one has been online for years. I was literally just logged into some of them yesterday for barbershop updates. Looks like the majority of my Hyjal Alliance characters are there, but missing almost all of my Horde characters on Terenas.

Do I just need to log each one in again when I get home from work?

No one? Is there an update anywhere that says whether the armory will be adversely affected by the prepatch? Many of my characters, that are still there, show "This character profile page may be out of date. If this is your character, try logging in and out of the game, then check this page again." even after multiple relogs. I am not getting the in-game issues that others are reported. Just the armory issue.

I’m getting the message “This character profile page may be out of date” message on all my characters. I’ve run a few through the barbershop and the armory shows their new appearance, but somehow the rest of the profile isn’t updating?

Yeah, mine is extremely spotty. I have this guy, and a few other 50s with updated gear and appearances, and then a whole stable of the error you mentioned, along with a healthy dose of completely missing ones.

My alt guilds still show the characters, and some of them have profile pictures, but it’s a toss-up whether they will come up in the armory. Not knowing what is going on is the real culprit here. If they would just tell us what is happening, I could move on to something else.

Is there really no acknowledgement on this? Bottleneck? Armory updates temporarily disabled? I have created new characters who show up, but many of my older characters are 404. Many of them have updated Forum icons, but still won’t show up in the armory. Even still, some characters are still on the armory with their old looks, even though they were changed (transmog and barber) day one, or even yesterday.

Below are all from Exile’s Reach, as you can see they have common white boots.

For a breakdown (and all characters discussed are above level 10, even though I’m not sure if that is still the low level limit), I did some research. See below:
Hyjal - Chosen Few guild (Alliance):
Number of my characters in the guild: 67
Missing Guild Icons: 0
Missing from ‘View All Your WoW Characters’: 0
Outdated Icons: 60
Outdated Armory: 54 (out of 66 existing)
Missing Armory (404): 1

Terenas - Chosen Few guild (Horde):
Number of my characters in the guild: 65
Missing Guild Icons: 43
Missing From ‘View All Your WoW Characters’: 49
Duplicated Guild/Forum Icons: 1 character
Outdated Icons: 13 (out of 22 with icons)
Outdated Armory: 4 (out of 18 existing)
Missing Armory (404): 47

Madoran - Various Guilds (Horde)
Number of my characters on this server: 4
Missing Guild Icons: 0
Missing From ‘View All Your WoW Characters’: 0
Duplicated Guild/Forum Icons: 1 character
Outdated Icons: 0
Outdated Armory: 3 (out of 4 existing)
Missing Armory (404): 0

Moved this thread to Website Bug Report, as I found other reports in there with more conversation. It seems like the Armory is down now. Is there a notice somewhere on what’s being done?

Just leaving this here, since I went on vacation for a week, and my character list is still borked.

Hi Adomirak,

Could you please try following our new troubleshooting steps listed here: Troubleshooting Steps for Missing Characters on the WoW Forums.

While this post highlights issues generally found here on the forums, the same steps could resolve issues found on the Character Profiles on

During the pre-patch release we did need to briefly disabled Character Profile updates on the web, so if you last logged out of character during that time it is possible that their data was not updated on the website(s).

If the steps above do not resolve your issue, please do let us know with specific details pertaining to which characters are affected so that we can more closely investigate. Thank you.

Thank you for the response. Over the last few weeks, it seems like the missing characters are returning. By logging in, selecting a leveling path, hitting the barbershop, and doing transmog, my character list has been slowly rebuilding. Some of them still take a few days to update, but not like it was before.