Armory update delay

Why does it take so long for the armory to update when I paid for a race and name change? What am I paying for when it takes days or more than a week to adjust the armory flow through from the game? There are impacts to RIO and other services that rely on the API to update.

It’s not like a name change costs Blizzard anything, it’s all system driven. This is not some small company without the resources to make paid-for services work well.

I hear ya but it can take some time to update. someone can correctly if I’m wrong but it won’t update until you log out of that toon (time of the updating can take a while)

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To be clear, the Armory is a free perk. You don’t pay for it.


Sometimes the armory does take time to catch up. Unfortunately there’s not much you can do other than wait for it notice the race and name change. You can try changing your password to force an account update, but the armory can still be finicky at times :wink:


Aye, other times it can receive an update after logging in and out of the character a few times. But yes, it can take time to receive all the updates after a character service.