Armor Piece Names should all match

Hello Transmog Communion, don’t you think that all the pieces that belong a specific set should match via name. I know that we kind of have a special way of doing it with the current tier at the end of Shadowlands, but why can’t they all just say “of the Obsidian Aspect” or whatever the name of the tier set is that they specifically belong too. Also, should they revamp tier 0 - 18 and make them include capes and all the specific armor pieces that were missing (if they were) when they first came out? Let me know what you think.

i’d rather have the existing armor sets that share a name be all the same color. in a lot of sets, at least one item is quite a bit different looking.

Secondly, id like to see set pieces that have been removed from the game added back and sets that have always been missing certain pieces should have those pieces added.