Argent Quartermaster

When I look at the argent quartermaster, I see the ability to turn in the scourgestones for the rep token. My friend sees a list of purchasable gear?

Am I doing something wrong?

Does you friend have exalted with Argent Dawn? That may be it. My toon doesn’t have a list of gear but then again I’m starting at neutral with AD’s rep. I found it in Classic on the rep menu.

Just a thought. /tosses in a few coppers

He used a toon that was exalted, but he has two versions of it on PTR. Apparently the one that had done the quests for the event didn’t have access to the gear, but the one that did NOT do the quests DID have access to the gear. So we are now running out there on toons that haven’t done the quests to see if we can buy the catch up gear.

Does this gear resemble the old gear from wrath event or vanilla argent dawn?

So just confirmed. If you don’t start doing any quests in icecrown yet (we did the quest that sent us TO icecrown), the quartermaster is able to have gear bought from him (for gold). It’s basically the basic warfront sets. ilvl 100. The only gear not available is weapon/rings/trinket. Its listed as “PH Prologe [Gear]”

I checked via control-clicking to preview the item and it looks faction-themed. I was sorta hoping for what you were describing but it’s just a, well from what I saw as horde, a horde themed armor set. I wasn’t impressed by the aesthetic.

Its Arathi Warfront with a brighter shade of blue, at least on Alliance side.

That’s weird. On Wednesday night I think it was, when I first to got to Icecrown (with a character with no AD rep), I could see the vendor with the 100 ilvl gear, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t for gold, it was for argent commendations. Different vendor there, or did they change it to gold for the ptr? Also confirming that I can’t see the vendor gear anymore, only turn in scourgestones.

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See, that’s what prompted me to go looking for it. People kept mentioning a vendor and I was wondering what sort of catch up gear was available (for my priest that I haven’t touched since mid-way 8.2). But then I couldn’t find the vendor and was panicking. Then we discovered that if you do the quest chain that leads you TO icecrown, but don’t start the Icecrown quests, you can interact with the vendor and it gives you some 100 gear. Which is a nice little catch up I suppose. I was able to replace a couple of < 100 pieces. But I think the dang thing should probably be something you can interact with at all times… because if you don’t know to do it before progressing with the quests, you can easily get screwed over.

Edit: Upon furthering the quest chain, we found a SECOND Quartermaster. His name is Adevald Ironbeard. He’s on the Ironwall Rampart next to the lady you go to when you leave the tournament area to progress the quest chain. He has the same gear options.


Upon furthering the quest chain, we found a SECOND Quartermaster. His name is Adevald Ironbeard. He’s on the Ironwall Rampart

This is super helpful, thanks! The equipment that he has is marked as placeholder [PH] but can still help if needing an ilvl boost.

It’s a bit odd that he’s way out there in relation to the one at the tournament. Even a conversation note to send us towards him would have been helpful in game. I’m surprised they don’t try something similar to the guard directions to help guide us there.

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We discovered a third one. Lol! In Org to the right of the auction house (next to the dude who eventually gives you a quest to go to icecrown) there’s one who also has the same gear listings. Hahaha.

They aren’t very noticeable. I wish they’d have made them stand out a little better.

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