Arena World Championship Spring Season: A Viewer’s Guide

Sharing here for those who are interested in the upcoming Arena World Championship esports events.


Can’t wait!

How do I sign up

Sign up information is on our Esports page:

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Broadcast is now live on Twitch! :slight_smile:

its been fun watching 60% dampening games with triple maladict trinkets. Also it was fun to see zero comp diversity. rogue/mage/ww/warlock. (through in a balance or UH dk for the heck of it)
ultimately it was the worst i have seen and truly boring.

We will have to wait 1-2 years and another patch before we see anything different.

I really hate that not all classes can be competitive in arena. Just terrible design.

Yeah 60% dampening is fine, but tanks and healers together in matches is boring and anti fun apparently.


So with this tournament about to end. Can you finally admit you were wrong about nerfing Disc priest or are you still going to keep nerfing them because of world pvp?