Arena Season 4... hasn't ended? (Oceanic)

Wondering what’s going on here. End of every season, the rating requirement drops and of course your weekly game counter resets.

This has always happened, with the discount rolling out as soon as that happens. After reset you then get additional points for the last week the following day.

Quoted time is 10 pm PDT. It’s now past 11 pm PDT.

Even if we don’t get the discount, where’s the rating being removed from gear? I’ve got multiple toons capped on honour AND capped on arena points. The only things I can buy are above my rating, hence saving up the points.

Why is it so hard for Blizzard to do things CONSISTENTLY?

Like I understand if there’s no discount, but it’s worked the same way every single season. Why the change now?

Also why would you screw over the players who put in the effort to cap out honour and arena points?

In what, 16 hours there’ll be no rating on gear AND it’ll be much cheaper for honour, assuming the same 10:1 conversion ratio. Why can’t I spend arena points that will otherwise evaporate, even paying full price for gear?


They arent giving us a period to dump arena points on discount/rating free gear. They kind of establoshed that when they decided S4 gear would be avaialable for honor.

No… they gave a season 4 end time ahead of reset. The season end time has always seen ratings requirements drop and the discount applied straight away. We’ve particularly noticed this in oceanic realms as it ends prior to peak Tuesday night arena time in the final week every season.

Also when the season ends your weekly games disappear, which hasn’t happened.

Not trying to be rude, but you simply have no idea what you’re talking about. There’s also nothing official stating that, although I’m happy to be proven wrong. Just don’t link something that in no way says what you’re claiming.

If you’re going to respond, at least demonstrate some basic knowledge of how the game has worked throughout TBCC.

Until then, keep your guesswork based on literally nothing to yourself.

During maintenance on August 30, we will update the game, and all Arena points will be converted to Honor. Throughout the pre-patch, Arena Season 4 gear will be sold for Honor.

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