Arena Points Reminder


Please be reminded that all of Arena Points will be converted to Honor during the next weekly reset (on Tuesday September 14 in this region). The conversion rate will be 1 Arena Point = 10 Honor Points, up to the cap of 75000 Honor Points.

Additionally, Arena gear that is purchased just before the weekly reset will not be refundable for Arena Points after the reset.

Thank you!


What about the arena points we get this week. They are given next week only, after the reset, right?


Thank you for the reminder – we really appreciate you guys!


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Thanks for the update Kaivax :kissing_heart:

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Thanks Kaivax

No one is able to queue for arenas this week, not even skirmishes.

So I don’t think you’re getting points next week, on account of being unable to play games.

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I thought points didnt reset in original tbc

Can we earn points this week?

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Sorry to hear that, man.

Oh don’t worry it happened 8 years ago after I got out of the Navy I’m well over it.

Oh, hello Kaivax. Long time no see.


Any chance for dual spec to boost arena participation?


Give the man a break he was playing final fantasy XIV.


Any idea when honor rates will get buffed or current seasons epic PvP offpiece prices will be reduced? This honor grind isn’t acceptable for 2021, no reason to gatekeep casual players or alt characters with 150+ hours of grinding to have good PvP gear.